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News: "Penryn" More Than Just A Die Shrink

Category: CPU's, Manufacturers
Posted: 12:12PM

DailyTech - Intel's Penryn family of processors is set for release some time next quarter, with the aim no doubt, being to one-up AMDs Barcelona release (if it even needs to do that). There is more to Penryn than just a move to the 45nm process though, with Intel releasing details of the extra tweaks that have been made to the architecture. Technologies that were introduced with Conroe get improvements, notably with the addition of SSE4. - jammin *News Editor*

"New to the Advanced Digital Media Boost technology is the inclusion of a new Intel SSE4 instruction set. SSE4 introduces 47 new instructions to improve performance of video accelerators, graphics building blocks and streaming load. Intel claims a 2x performance gain in video acceleration tasks. There are 14 new instructions for video accelerator performance enhancement. Intel improves compiler auto-vectorization performance with 32 new instructions.Intel expects SSE4 optimizations to deliver performance improvements in video authoring, imagine, graphics, video search, off-chip accelerators, gaming and physics applications."

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