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News: E3 stifles criticism, falls on sword

Category: Gaming, Manufacturers, General News
Posted: 12:06PM

Inquirer - Welcome to the new E3 Media & Business Summit. This one really cuts down on who shows up, it is invite only, and that is their downfall. You need to be invited by one of the attendees to get in. In fact, if you don't already have an invite, you are SOL. This is the biggest end-run around any criticism and a complete stifling of the press that I have seen in years. What is the problem? If a company likes you, you are in. If they don't like you, you are shut out. This would not be a big deal if you could get a ticket some other way, but there is no other way. So, who do companies invite? The tame, the paid off, and the ones they know will give them good coverage.

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