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News: R600 has 320 Stream processors, G80GTX "only" 160 but can easily beat ATI

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 09:19AM

Fudzilla - Nvidia has a big advantage as its Stream processors work at 1.35 GHz and this really goes well versus the 320 Stream processors or Multiply-accumulate units at 800 MHz. R6xx GPUs can easily be faster in future games like Crysis or Unreal Tournament 2007. This might only happen if these companies decides to go for the complex Shaders all the time. So far no one made such a Shader. Nvidia's G80 can process more simple Shaders as its stream processor can process a single instruction or dimension. Nvidia G80 hardware can be seen as 128/4 or 32 4D VEC4 Shaders but each of these 32 units can work parallel. That is how you end up with 128 Stream processors all the time. Nvidia's Shaders are so flexible so Nvidia can take as much units it wants and calculate as many dimensions in vector as you like.

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