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Review: Asus Striker 680i Extreme Motherboard

Category: Motherboards
Posted: 09:41AM

MaxitMag - Overclocking is phenomenal and with support for 1333MHZ FSB and DDR2-1200 speeds as standard, the Striker is most future proof motherboard out there. Overclocking is now within the reach of the masses thanks to Asus's clever Extreme Tweaker features. For their pros there is every advanced feature you could think of to tweak it till it burns. Don't be suprised if you  reach 1900+ FSB and 1200MHZ DDR2 speeds with some decent aftermarket kit. While our benchmarks showed that with one graphics card there isn't a huge degree of improvement at stocks speeds over the older Intel chipsets, strap in another card for SLI and you'll start to see things really fly. Imagine Crysis running on the Striker with a pair of Asus EN8800GTX graphics cards. Oh Mama! The product bundle is fat with plenty of cables, great instruction manuals, loads of decent software including 3DMark 06 Advanced Edition, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and a copy of Ghost Recon.

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