News: AMD claims its ATI R600 is primed, ready to beat nVidia's 8800

sdy284 - March 1, 2007 10:17AM in Video Cards

Among the various agenda items at today's AMD press conference was a report card on it's plans for CPU/GPU integration — a part of the company's long term vision now that it has acquired graphics tech titan ATI. During the conference, company spokespeople were very frank about the lead in graphics performance that NVidia's 8800 graphic solutions have over anything that ATI has to offer. That said, company officials also argue that the true benefits of the 8800 won't kick in until software titles supporting Microsoft's DirectX 10 graphics APIs (aka "DX10") hit the market. Currently there are none. But by the time those software titles start to ship, ATI claims that its competition to NVidia's 8800, currently codenamed the "R600," will be ready by the time the DX10 titles that need the sort of power that it and NVidia's GeForce 8800 deliver.

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