OCC News: Wireless Audio Bean Makes Vista Sing While You Chat

sdy284 - February 4, 2007 10:56AM in Operating Systems, Speakers/Headphones, OCC News

LTB Audio systems, Inc. is planning to release a unique new wireless audio device called a Q-Bean. This orb like device is about the size of typical automobile key fob, and it offers everything from Digital CD-Quality audio to a built in Microphone for speech and remote tracking features for Windows users. The unique "Bean" will be offered in several cool colors and should capture the interest of PC and laptop media users. The initial product will come with a USB plug & play transmitter that requires no software for Windows, Vista, Mac or Linux operating systems. In addition, the system will have additional transmitter optional accessories for popular MP3 players Like Ipod and Zune as well as wireless interfaces to standard audio systems and gaming consoles.