News: Vegas braces for gadget frenzy

sdy284 - January 5, 2007 10:39AM in OCC News
Entertainment is going extreme as content providers, distributors and electronics makers race to keep pace in a world in which digital media becomes accessible anytime, anywhere. The frenzy will be more evident than ever next week in Las Vegas at the International Consumer Electronics Show, a showcase of the latest products seeking to secure a spot in today's digital age. Information technology companies like Hewlett-Packard Co. and Microsoft Corp. will battle traditional electronics companies such as Sony Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. over ways to link or directly bring Internet- and computer-based media to the television.

For the first time, OverclockersClub will be attending CES 2007. Be sure to continuously check out the site for breaking news from CES as we'll be posting about new products & gadgets continuously throughout the day! - syd284 *News Editor*