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News: AMD Demos Native Quad-Core Processor

Category: CPU's
Posted: 08:03AM

TechWeb - AMD took a big step today in its efforts to close the gap that rival Intel created when it came out with its line of quad-core processors this fall. AMD on Thursday marked its own spot in the quad-core market by demonstrating the first native quad-core x86 server processor at its annual Industry Analyst Forum in Berkeley, Calif. What will be the next big evolution in AMD's processor family won't be ready to ship until mid-2007, but the company hit a milestone by showing industry analysts and customers that it's moving along in its production cycle. Dan Olds, a principal with the Gabriel Consulting Group, says AMD is trying to tell potential customers not go with Intel, but instead wait until AMD can come out with its quad-core server processor. "This is very important for AMD," he adds. "They're in a position now where they're perceived as being behind Intel, as far as the products they have out there now. AMD needs to show that they're going to be leapfrogging Intel in the future.

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