Review: ICY Dock MB454SPF-B Multi-Bay Backplane Module

Silverfox - October 4, 2006 07:14AM in
Bjorn3d - "A few months ago, I reviewed ICY Dock’s 5.25’’ removable enclosures, I liked the fact that the enclosure is really easy to use and the cool looks. However, the enclosure only houses one hard drive (which I bet many of us do), so if you got a lot of hard drives, you would need to purchase many enclosures. It it not only impratical to do so, but also quite costly. Luckily ICY Dock also has the multi-bay enclosure to solve this problem. Today, we’ll be looking at ICY Dock’s MB454SPF-B, a multi-bay backplane module that allows to mount multiple hard drives. ICY Dock actually sells other multi-bay backplane modules that can accommodate 3, 4, or 5 hard drives. The MB454SPF-B that we are looking at today utilizes the space of three 5.25’’ to house 4 SATA I or SATA II hard drives."