OCC News: Donate Your Spare CPU Cycles to Folding@Home

sdy284 - October 3, 2006 10:14AM in
We at OverclockersClub have always been advocates of Folding@Home. In an effort to boost awareness for Folding, we at OCC would like to ask our members & even our non-members to join the OCC Folding team. In a nutshell, F@H uses your spare computing cycles to crunch numbers for important research on Alzheimer's Disease, various cancers, Huntington's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and many others.

With the popularity of dual core cpu's and now the ability to run F@H on your x1900 series ATI gpu's, it's now possible to run up to four F@H clients on one machine! To fold for OCC just enter 12772 as your team number when setting up the F@H client & you're ready to fold! If you'd like to see various stats on the OCC F@H team, you can go Here to see OCC's daily production, most productive members, how close we are to overtaking the next team and other fun stats. Questions about Folding can be directed to our General Teams Forum.