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News: Japan says no to Blu-ray & HD DVD recorders for U.S.

Posted: 08:38AM

c|net - "Blu-ray manufacturers and supporters of HD DVD high-definition DVD technology don't see eye to eye on a lot of issues, but there is one thing that they agree on: They don't want to sell high-definition recorders in the United States. This week at Ceatec, a high-tech trade fair near Tokyo, Sony and Panasonic announced Blu-ray players that can also record shows. Toshiba, the leader of the competing HD DVD camp, also showed off its home player-recorder. These devices will be sold only in Japan for now. All three companies said they don't have current plans to bring these products to the states. Why? History is one reason. "In Japan, 80% - 90% of the demand for DVD players is for player-recorders," said Keisuke Ohmori, group manager of the international media relations group at Toshiba. The figure is a lot lower in the United States. "In the U.S.A., you record on TiVo," he added."

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