News: Swiftech MCW-Ramcool, VGA Memory Liquid Cooling

sdy284 - October 2, 2006 09:20AM in
Swiftnets - "Swiftech announced the release of the MCW-Ramcool VGA memory water-block for nVidia® GeForce™ graphics cards. "The design concept was to physically separate the memory cooling from the GPU cooling solution in order to get the best possible thermal joint and therefore superior overclocking performance; universal compatibility was also a must, so we had to invent a new type of fitting to allow for this and thus were born the patent pending "F" fittings, which I am sure will also have numerous applications in other fields; this was a creative challenge, but we are all quite proud of the result!" said Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech's Chairman. These new products will be available thru Swiftech’s reseller’s network this month."

This is a very interesting product from Swiftech that should definately allow for higher memory overclocks on your GPU. I'm really looking forward to reading some reviews on this product. -sdy284 *News Editor*