Review: Revoltec Lightboard Advanced Keyboard

hndgns4hrts - August 10, 2006 09:09PM in
ThinkComputers - "Today I've got the fourth and final review in my series of Revoltec product reviews, and I've saved the best for last! If you don't recall, I did tell you that Bluegears is now the official US distributor for Revoltec products and they sent me some to check out and give them my opinion on. So today I have to say, I've got myself a new keyboard, a damn cool keyboard actually. I'm retiring my Logitech in favor of the Revoltec Lightboard Advanced. This is one excellent keyboard, it has all the features like multimedia and shortcut keys, but it is much smaller than the standard keyboard. If you ever used a laptop most have the X-structured suspension and they are very comfortable to type on, well Revoltec has brought that comfort to the home, and they included cool blue EL backlighting as well."