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NVIDIA is gearing up for a massive 24-hour event called GAME24, which is a celebration of PC gamers and the hobby we all love. Everything kicks off later today, September 18, at 6PM Pacific time, with events scheduled in Chicago, Mission Viejo, Los Angeles, London, Indianapolis, Shanghai, and Stockholm. The best part is that if you cannot make it to one of the cities, you can watch everything online at the GAME24 website. A variety of guests, from Jason Mewes and Grant Imahara to Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter and cosplay queen Chloe Dykstra, will be on hand at various locales, along with many other guest hosts to keep things rolling throughout the 24-hour event.

So, what kinds of things can we expect from GAME24? Well there is a Dota 2 International tournament featuring Cloud 9, Evil Geniuses, Team Tinker, and Alliance competing for $15,000 in prizes, plus a 24-hour modding competition called Mod24. That particular competition features modders Team Mongoose, BSMODS, and Team Kill Ninja at NVIDIA's Santa Clara headquarters trying to make the best possible gaming rig. Viewers of the livestream will be able to vote on the hottest design, plus three lucky viewers will win these incredible rigs. Two world records will also be broken during GAME24, while various game publishers have some surprises to unveil. Oh, and NVIDIA is planning to announce some new products, too. Maybe the upcoming GeForce GTX 900 cards?

Be sure to hit up one of the GAME24 events if they're happening anywhere close to where you live, but if not then visit the GAME24 website for all the highlights.

Source: Press Release

September 18, 2014
Comments (0) | Posted at 05:11AM PST by gebraset
COUGAR Releases the 700K Gaming Keyboard

COUGAR, a leading brand in eSports and computer peripherals, has just launched the 700K gaming keyboard. The 700K is a premium mechanical gaming keyboard that is aimed at professional PC gamers and has already received the 2014 iF International Design Award. Ensuring its premium feel and reliability, the COUGAR 700K features Cherry MX mechanical key switches mounted on an exposed aluminum structure with premium anodized surface treatments. The gaming keyboard also integrates a 32-bit ARM processor and onboard memory that allows for quick access to three full configuration profiles. Rounding out its impressive features, the 700K boasts LED backlights, N-key rollover, six programmable G-keys, audio jacks, a soft touch palm rest, a 1000HZ polling rate, and a repeat rate of 1X, 2X, 4X, and 8X.

More information on the COUGAR 700K can be found on its product page.

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 04:40AM PST by gebraset

NVIDIA has revealed that its SHIELD tablet that features 32GB of storage and 4G LTE connectivity is now available for pre-order. The tablet contains a wealth of features and components, which were revealed earlier this year, that are sure to impress virtually any gamer who is interested in gaming on a mobile platform. With twice the storage of the basic version along with certification for the AT&T 4G LTE network, the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet with 32GB and 4G LTE is equipped for the ultimate experience in entertainment.

According to the NVIDIA website, Amazon and Newegg are currently the only etailers within the Unites States that are accepting pre-orders for the 32GB, 4G LTE version of the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet. The device is available for just $299 with a qualifying LTE data plan, or $399 without.

Source: NVIDIA Blog

September 17, 2014
Comments (0) | Posted at 10:12PM PST by bp9801

If you are looking for a way to showcase your creative side and maybe win a prize along the way, ECS USA is still accepting entries for the "Design Your Own LIVA" competition. It runs until the end of September, so you have just a little under two weeks remaining to get your entry in. Participants must design artwork for the ECS LIVA Mini PC, with entries showcasing how it will look from a variety of angles (front and back side view, a left and right side view, a 45 degree view, and a 3D view, plus the best angle that shows off the art).

All entries for the opening round must be in by September 30, and then after that the top ten with the most "likes" on Facebook move onto the second round. That round consists of actually putting your artwork onto a white ECS LIVA, and then snapping pictures of it to send off to ECS by October 31. Once those are in, ECS judges will choose the winners by November 7. The grand prize winner receives $1,000, second place gets $500, and third place $300, with the remaining seven getting some nice consolation prizes.

Time is running out to get your entries in to ECS! Don't delay, as this is a perfect opportunity to highlight your artistic side!

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 05:33PM PST by ClayMeow
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Interactive Skill Trees Now Live

I don't know about you, but I love me some browser-based interactive skill trees. The only thing better than playing an RPG is planning out the intricacies of your character, and interactive skill trees make that easy. Bookmark your builds and pull them up in-game via the Steam Overlay, share them with friends, or just mess around with the multitude of possibilities. Just as Gearbox has done for past Borderlands games, the developer has now released interactive skill trees for the four characters in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: Claptrap the Fragtrap, Wilhelm the Enforcer, Athena the Gladiator, and Nisha the Lawbringer. You can access the skill trees here.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel launches October 14 in North America and October 17 elsewhere for Windows PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Official Site

Comments (0) | Posted at 04:15PM PST by gebraset
Thermaltake Introduces the Luna Series LED Case Fan

Thermaltake, an industry leader in computer components such as thermal solutions and power supplies, has just unveiled its latest cooling product known as the Luna Series LED case fan. The new cooling product by Thermaltake is perfect for any chassis, working as an effective radiator, heatsink, and case cooling solution that features an anti-vibration mounting system that covers all four corners. The Luna Series LED case fan comes in 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm sizes, and the seven, nine, and eleven-blade fan design provides ultimate airflow and low noise. Red, white, and blue LED color options are available to accent any case, and the incorporated long-life sleeve bearing ensures enhanced reliability.

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 04:07PM PST by CheeseMan42
Apacer Announces Two Solid State Drives

Apacer has announced a pair of new solid state drives, one using the mPDM+ form factor and one using the M.2 form factor. The mPDM+ drive is similar in size to other mSATA devices with read speeds up to 385MB/s. Embedded Application Business Unit Director Jeff Lin described the capabilities of the M.2 offering, "The newly launched M.2, i.e. the NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor), adopts PCIe 2.0 interface which has a broadband speed up to 10Gb/s compared to PCIe 1.0. In addition, the additive transmission efficiency of Gen2x2 enables the sequential read speed up to 780MB/sec, far more efficient than the theoretical 600MB/sec transmission performance of SATAIII. High-end applications such as network storage or enterprise servers are thus capable of faster transmission." Both drives will be available in capacities up to 128GB.

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 04:06PM PST by Guest_Jim_*

Quantum mechanics allows for some odd things, such as particles being so strongly coupled, that information about one determines the information about the others. This phenomenon, entanglement, is one that many hope to exploit for quantum computers, but is not particularly easy to work with. Researchers at the University of Waterloo, using single-photon detectors developed by NIST, have recently succeeded in creating entangled photon triplets, which could prove especially useful in future quantum technologies.

To create the triplets the researchers started with a blue photon that was polarized both vertically and horizontally, thanks to superposition, another quantum mechanical phenomenon, and sent it through a special crystal. This crystal converted the single blue photon into two red photons that have the same polarization. One of these daughter photons then entered another special crystal that converted it into two infrared granddaughter photons, which just happen to be at a frequency commonly used in telecommunications. Thus they could actually be transmitted along a fiber optic cable.

As all of these photons have the same polarization, they form an entangled triplet, but this process, called cascaded down-conversion, is hardly efficient. The first stage only works one in a billion times, and the second is one in a million. That is where the NIST single-photon detectors came into play, as they drastically simplified the work of finding the number of triplets, confirming that the system worked at all. Eventually, as the process is improved, the researchers hope to go past triplets and generate four or more entangled photons at a time.

Source: NIST

Comments (0) | Posted at 04:03PM PST by ClayMeow
Ubisoft Takes Us Backstage with The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria; Now in Closed Beta

Last month, The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria was playable for the first time at Gamescom. Today, Ubisoft has posted a new video that takes us backstage with its developer Blue Byte Software, where Lead Game Designer Guido Schmidt walks us through various aspects of the game and what makes it different from previous The Settlers games. Some of the new features discussed in the video include one persistent city, new economy and production chains, and Adventure Mode. Be sure to also check out the new screenshots below.

The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria is scheduled to arrive later this year for PC. If you'd like to get your hands on the game earlier, the Closed Beta just began yesterday, so head on over to the official site to sign up for your chance at an invite. "In the Closed Beta players will be able to dive into the untamed lands of Anteria to experiment with gameplay mechanics including the persistent kingdom, the extensive trading system and the adventure gameplay, a new addition to The Settlers. The Closed Beta will serve as an opportunity for the studio to test in-game features and balance the game as needed."

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 03:51PM PST by CheeseMan42

Thecus has announced that it will soon be offering Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials to its NAS users, the first product on the market to do so. Thecus will release three models in October using the software, the two bay W2000, four bay W4000, and five bay W5000. The solutions were designed with small businesses in mind with goals of "advanced data protection, integrated cloud services, and secure remote access." Microsoft VP of Worldwide OEM Marketing Peter Han said, "We believe offering our software on Thecus NAS devices will provide an excellent solution for those small businesses looking to protect their data while optimizing their resources with a hybrid, on premise, and cloud-connected offering." The Thecus NAS devices are built around the Intel Atom processor and feature dual LAN, 2GB or more RAM, and media connections such as HDMI or VGA.

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 11:11AM PST by Guest_Jim_*

Ice can be quite a problem, even when it is not causing us to slip and fall. When it builds up on radar domes, for example, it can actually interfere with their performance, which is why researchers at Rice University developed a new deicing system. Now they have refined the technology and succeeded in making it optically and radio-frequency transparent.

Originally the researchers created a paint containing graphene nanoribbons, made by splitting carbon nanotubes, mixed with polyurethane. By applying a voltage to the paint, the nanoribbons heat up and melt the ice that may have collected on the paint. What the researchers originally created though had the problem of heating up when exposed to extremely high RF, to the point that it burned up. To correct that, the researchers have made the films in the paint more consistent and coated the nanoribbons in the polyurethane, to prevent them from forming active networks. These changes preserved the films' transparency, so the researchers tried coating a glass slides with it, and then iced them. Even at temperatures of -20 ºC, the ice melted when a voltage was applied.

Naturally this deicing system will still be of use with radar systems, which would otherwise rely on larger, less efficient metal oxide systems, but thanks to being optically transparent, it could also be integrated into windshields and even skyscraper windows. In these situations the RF transparency could also prove useful, as cell transmissions and Wi-Fi would not be blocked.

Source: Rice University

Comments (0) | Posted at 09:41AM PST by bp9801

It is the middle of the week, and more than halfway through the month, which means we have a few items for you to check out today. There is a review on the Corsair Graphite 780T computer case, a full tower case that sports an interesting design and plenty of watercooling support. We also have a look at the ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit that packs an Intel Bay Trail-M processor and all the trimmings for a powerful little rig. Finishing things off today is a look back at the history of the personal computer and where it all began.

Corsair Graphite 780T @ Benchmark Reviews

ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit @ ThinkComputers

History of the Personal Computer, Part 1: Foundations @ TechSpot

Comments (0) | Posted at 08:01AM PST by ClayMeow
The Evil Within TGS 2014 Trailer May Start Serene, But Eventually

Bethesda Softworks has released a new trailer for survival-horror The Evil Within in honor of the Tokyo Game Show, taking place September 18-21. While the trailer starts our fairly serene, it should be no surprise that it quickly turns south. After all, this is from the disturbing mind of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. The trailer is narrated by the game's primary antagonist Ruvik, voiced by Academy Award nominee Jackie Earle Haley.

The Evil Within will be available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 14. Pre-ordering nets you "The Fighting Chance Pack", which includes five in-game items: medical kit, double barrel shotgun, incendiary agony bolt, poison agony bolt, and green gel. A Season Pass is also available, which will contain three content packs featuring new characters and stories.

Source: Press Release and Bethesda Blog

Comments (0) | Posted at 07:31AM PST by ClayMeow

In Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation, it'll be difficult to escape the grasp of the titular alien. It'll also be difficult to escape the allure of the newly announced Season Pass. SEGA of America, SEGA Europe, and Twentieth Century Fox have officially announced the Alien: Isolation Season Pass, consisting of five challenging and terrifying Survivor Mode add-on packs. "Survivor Mode is an exciting new game mode for Alien: Isolation which challenges players to participate in a one-to-one confrontation with the universe’s deadliest killer, deep within the bowels of Sevastopol Station. With limited resources on each map and a hunter on the loose, players will need to take advantage of every item they find to help them complete a unique set of objectives which will ultimately lead to their escape."

When Alien: Isolation launches on October 7, it will include a Survivor Mode demo featuring one playable map, "Basement". The first of the five Survivor Mode add-on packs will then release on October 28, "featuring three new maps, each with their own set objectives and challenges, a new playable character, and a variety of enemy types between you and your escape." The remaining four add-on packs will then release over the following months, with each one "featuring a new playable character, and a mix of new maps and game modes to challenge even the most proficient player." The final pack should be released by March 2015.

All five Survivor Mode add-on packs will be available for purchase separately or as part of the Alien: Isolation Season Pass, which will offer up to a 25% discount. Exact pricing has not been disclosed. The idea behind Survivor Mode was born from members of the development team challenging each other to accomplish certain tasks throughout the game, such as not firing a gun during the engineering section. Having so much fun with this friendly competition, the team realized it shouldn't be something kept to themselves. And so yes, there will be leaderboards for each Survivor Mode map.

Alien: Isolation is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 7. You can check the PC system requirements at the official site.

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 06:34AM PST by Guest_Jim_*

Liquid metals have been fascinating people for many years, and now researchers at North Carolina State University have found an interesting way to control them. Like other liquids, liquid metals have a surface tension, which is what the researchers have now learned to manipulate, using voltages under one volt.

For their study, the researchers worked with a liquid metal alloy of gallium and indium, which normally has a surface tension of 500 millinewtons per meter. That is pretty high and causes the metal to bead up. By applying a positive charge of less than one volt to it though, an oxide layer will form on the surface and act as a surfactant. The result is that the surface tension drops from 500 mN/meter to just 2 mN/meter, causing the liquid metal to spread out as a result of gravity. By reversing the charge of the voltage, the oxide layer is removed and the surface tension restored. The surface tension can be tuned by applying voltages between the two extremes.

Such control could be used to affect the movement of the liquid, as well as the shape, allowing circuits to be made and broken. Microelectromechanical systems, microfluidic channels, and photonic and optical devices could all be potentially applications for this discovery.



Source: North Carolina State University

Comments (0) | Posted at 05:13AM PST by gebraset

eXtreme Outer Vision, a website that provides a wealth of tools specifically for computer enthusiasts, has just released an updated version of its power supply calculator. The new version of the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator adds support for socket LGA 2011-3, M.2 SSDs, and DDR4 SDRAM. This means that the new version can assist builders who choose to use Intel Core i7-5820K, Intel Core i7-5930K, Intel Core i7-5960X, Intel Core i7-4790K, Intel Core i7-4785T, and Intel Core i7-4790T processors.

The eXtreme Power Supply Calculator is still available in a Lite and Pro version, with the latter costing $9.99 for lifetime access. The Pro version includes all of the features found within the Lite version, such as an up-to-date CPU Database, capacitor aging information, and system load calculation, but also adds support for multiple video cards, multiple Bitcoin mining modules, printed results, amperage on three rails, and a recommended UPS rating.

Source: Press Release

September 16, 2014
Comments (0) | Posted at 07:04PM PST by ClayMeow

Last week, Ubisoft narrated a co-op Heist mission in Assassin's Creed Unity, but today we get an official "Co-Op Gameplay Trailer", showing that, "When you're part of a Brotherhood, you never have to stand alone." In Assassin's Creed Unity, you're able to customize your own Arno as you see fit, whether it be a "melee expert, agile infiltrator, or a silent master of stealth."

Assassin's Creed Unity will release on November 11 in North America and November 13 in EMEA territories for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: UbiBlog

Comments (0) | Posted at 05:28PM PST by ClayMeow
SteamWorld Dig Developer Image & Form Unveils Its Next Game, SteamWorld Heist

Highly acclaimed platform mining adventure SteamWorld Dig is currently available in Humble Indie Bundle 12, and now it's clear why – to get more people excited about a follow-up. Today, Swedish developer Image & Form announced the next entry in the SteamWorld franchise, entitled SteamWorld Heist. But just because it exists in the same world, doesn't mean it's a true sequel.

"Heist isn't a sequel to SteamWorld Dig," says CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson. "It's set in the same world and the cowbots are still the heroes. But a lot has happened to SteamWorld since then, and we want to make a game that is radically different. Partly because we really wanted to make a turn-based strategy game, but also because it felt like a clever move. The obvious follow-up would've been Dig 2; we wanted to surprise instead."

In SteamWorld Heist, players "recruit a team of ragtag robots to explore and scavenge the remains of a destroyed world." With the population forced into steam-driven spaceships after a cataclysmic event and water being hard to come by, that means heisting it from other ships and bases in order to survive. And as Sigurgeirsson alluded to, combat will be turn-based.

SteamWorld Heist is planned for a Spring 2015 release "for all platforms."

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 04:43PM PST by ClayMeow
The Original Borderlands Updated with Steamworks Multiplayer

Gearbox has finally ditched GameSpy and updated the original Borderlands to Steamworks for its multiplayer. It's great to see Gearbox supporting the original game so many years later; next month will mark the fifth anniversary of its release. For those that happen to have a physical DVD of the game, Gearbox has posted instructions on how to access the "Granting Tool" on Steam, providing you with a Steam copy of the game. SecuRom DRM was removed back in July.

Source: Facebook

Comments (0) | Posted at 03:56PM PST by CheeseMan42

Apple has added an extra layer of security to the iCloud backup system in the form of two-factor authentication. Users of the service were previously susceptible to having their accounts accessed by unauthorized users that had gained the users passwords. Hackers had previously been able to use social engineering tactics or software such as the Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker to gain access to the accounts and would then have access to SMS records, e-mails, photos, and other personal data. Two-factor authentication still needs to be turned on by users to get the extra protection, and all users should do so as soon as possible.

Source: Ars Technica

Comments (0) | Posted at 03:43PM PST by CheeseMan42

The Watson supercomputer from IBM has been used to challenge some of the smartest humans in Jeopardy and has been envisioned to solve significant problems such as cancer. IBM has now announced Watson Analytics, a program that has been in beta testing for the past nine months under the codename Neo, that will provide "powerful analytics for everyone." Beta testers will be able to get access within 30 days with freemium and premium packages available later this year. Senior VP of the Information and Analytics Group Bob Picciano described the program saying, "Watson Analytics is designed to help all business people – from sales reps on the road to company CEOs – see patterns, pursue ideas and improve all types of decisions."

Source: PC Magazine

Comments (0) | Posted at 03:33PM PST by ClayMeow

Creative Assembly has released the third #HowWillYouSurvive video for Alien: Isolation, entitled "In The Vents". While the "quiet hidden space of vents" may seem like a safe place to hang out, it's anything but when there's a Xenomorph roaming about. I'm starting to get the feeling that #HowYouWillDie would have been a more apt name for this video series...

Alien: Isolation is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 7. You can check the PC system requirements at the official site.

Source: Creative Assembly

Comments (0) | Posted at 03:14PM PST by Guest_Jim_*

Everyone with a mobile device, whether it is a laptop or smartphone, wants it to be charged as quickly as possible, so we can get back to using it. Charging and discharging a battery too quickly can damage it though, by the rapid swelling of the electrodes. At least that is what we have all believed for some time now, but researchers at SLAC have recently discovered that may not be the case.

As part of the normal operations of batteries, ions will move in and out of the electrodes during charging and discharging cycles. If not all of the nanoparticles in the electrodes participate in the process, there is a risk of uneven swelling, which damages the electrodes. The SLAC researchers used many small coin cell, lithium-ion batteries that they charged with different levels of currents and over different amounts of time. They then took apart the cells and washed them, to stop the charge/discharge process, and cut the electrodes into thin slices for analysis. By looking at thousands of electrode nanoparticles at a time, the researchers discovered that only a small percentage of the nanoparticles were involved when charging, even when done very quickly. When the discharging rate increased however, more and more nanoparticles got involved, achieving a more uniform, and therefore less damaging mode.

This research would seem to indicate that lithium ion batteries could be discharged more quickly than they are currently, without necessarily sacrificing the life of the battery. Also it may be possible to tweak electrodes for better charging rates. The next step is to look at how the battery electrodes survive through hundreds or thousands of cycles, like what we put our devices through.

Source: SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Comments (0) | Posted at 02:58PM PST by gebraset

Chromecast continues to improve as a media streaming device as Google has revealed that it now supports WATCH Disney, Twitch, iHeart Radio, and DramaFever. With WATCH Disney, users can tune into a variety of shows, such as Girl Meets World, Doc McStuffins, and Star Wars Rebels, thanks to the new WATCH Disney, WATCH Disney Junior, and WATCH Disney XD apps. The Twitch application allows users to join 60 million gamers, including casual and professional, that enjoy watching and talking about video games. Music lovers will appreciate that the iHeartRadio application allows them to listen to more than 1,500 live radio stations located within the United States, as well as customized radio stations. For international television enthusiasts, the new DramaFever application provides more than 15,000 international drama TV episodes to watch on demand.

Source: Google Chrome Blog

Comments (0) | Posted at 02:23PM PST by gebraset

NVIDIA GAME24, a 24 hour event that is centered on celebrating PC gamers, is kicking off in just two days. The event itself is a combination of local events held in cities such as Chicago, Indianapolis, London Los Angeles, Mission Viejo, Shanghai, and Stockholm. During GAME24, NVIDIA has promised new product announcements from itself and game publishers, a DOTA 2 Invitational tournament, and the world’s first 24-hour livestreamed modding competition, known as Mod24. NVIDIA has also announced that two world records will be broken at GAME24, but has not revealed any additional details about the records that will be broken.

More information about NVIDIA GAME24 can be found on the event’s website, which will also feature live broadcasts of all the local events that are set to kick off on September 18, 2014 at 6PM PDT.

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 10:38AM PST by Guest_Jim_*

For thousands of years, humanity has been working to uncover the mysteries of Nature, and we are still at it. Recently special attention has been given to the skin of cephalopods, which can change in color as well as 'see' color. Researchers at Rice University have now recreated the color changing aspect of the skin to create a color display that matches the vividness of modern displays.

The pixels in the new display are comprised of several hundred aluminum nanorods, and the color of each pixel is determined by their length and spacing. Electron-beam deposition was used to create the precise arrangement of nanorods, which ensure that only one color is produced by the aluminum. Previous attempts to use aluminum nanoparticles like this resulted in more muted colors, as a wider range of frequencies were created and mixed together.

Among the potential uses of these arrays is replacing the dyes in LCD displays. Dyes can wear out over time from prolonged light exposure, but the physics involved with the nanorods will never fade. Also the light produced by the nanorods is naturally polarized, which means that one less polarizer would be needed in a display using them.

Source: Rice University

Comments (0) | Posted at 10:17AM PST by bp9801

We have a little bit of everything today, so regardless of what upgrade you are looking for, you should be covered. There is a review on the XFX Radeon R9 285 DD video card, which features a custom cooler and factory overclock to get you gaming longer. We also have a preview of NVIDIA's upcoming GTX 900 series of video cards, equipped with the company's new Maxwell core that should prove quite exciting. We have a look at the EVGA X99 Classified motherboard for those wanting to upgrade to the Intel Haswell-E line, while there is also a seven-way roundup of Intel Z97 motherboards if you don't quite need the high horsepower of the new chips. A 32GB kit of DDR4-2133 memory from Crucial gets put to the test, which could be perfect for one of the X99 motherboards. Fractal Design's Core 3300 case gets reviewed to see how this entry level model performs, and lastly there is a look at various protection accessories from Brando for the Nexus 7 tablet.

Video Cards
XFX Radeon R9 285 DD @ Benchmark Reviews
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 Series Preview @ ThinkComputers

EVGA X99 Classified @ LanOC Reviews
Intel Z97 Chipset: 7-Way Motherboard Roundup @ TechSpot

Fractal Design Core 3300 @ PC Perspective

Crucial DDR4-2133 32GB Kit @ ThinkComputers

Brando Nexus 7 II Protective Accessories Presentation @ Madshrimps

Comments (0) | Posted at 06:04AM PST by Guest_Jim_*

Everyday many of us walk and run without much thought, because our brains and bodies know what to do. Robots however are still learning these actions and researchers at MIT recently constructed and programmed a robot to run and even leap over objects in its path. The robot is designed to emulate the cheetah, but does not yet match its speed, having only sprinted at 10 MPH.

To achieve this speed, each leg of the robotic cheetah follows a bounding algorithm that determines the amount of force that is applied to the ground. To determine exactly how much force is applied, the researchers looked to sprinters who extend their stride by pushing against the ground hard enough, to extend their airtime. Such a force-based approach actually makes it easier for the robot to navigate rough terrain and does not require force sensors on the feet. Also by simply increasing the force applied to the ground, the robot can leap over obstacles in its path.

One thing about this robot that sets it apart from many other is that it is all electric, which counters the belief some have that only a loud gasoline engine can provide the necessary power. The next goal the researchers have is to actually get the robot galloping, which should be easy to do from its current, bounding gait.



Source: MIT

Comments (0) | Posted at 05:28AM PST by gebraset

Spotify, an on-demand music service which currently boasts 20 million songs and 10 million subscribers, is now available on Amazon Fire TV.  The music service can be accessed through an offering known as Spotify Connect, which allows users to control music through the Spotify application on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Spotify Connect provides users with the ability to seamlessly switch music from mobile devices to the television while continuing to make calls, use other smartphone applications, and lose Wi-Fi signal, all without interrupting the music playback experience that Spotify offers.

Spotify Connect requires a premium subscription to the music service that currently costs $9.99 per month.

Source: CNET and Spotify Blog

Comments (0) | Posted at 05:23AM PST by gebraset

Roku has revealed that it has sold 10 million of its own streaming devices since the company was founded. The announcement comes just six months after the company launched the Roku Streaming Stick, an HDMI dongle that competes directly with Google Chromecast. Despite the fierce competition within the streaming media device sector, Roku noted that Roku players are widely used, with the devices averaging 48 hours of streamed content per month. The company also cited a survey conducted by researcher NDP, which reveals that Roku accounted for 37 million hours of video streamed per week, which is much better than Apple TV's 15 million, Chromecast's 12 million, and Amazon Fire TV's 6 million hours.

Source: CNET

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