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Video Card Roundup - September 2008

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For the currently available decent cards, 8800GT and upwards from nVidia, and HD4850 and up from ATi, I really enjoyed seeing a side-by-side comparison of all the cards reviewed at OCC. Seeing the Performance and Value categories is something I am used to, but the "Best of Both" category really showed me where my money would be right now.

And the winners are...


Roundup winner:

Palit 9800GX2
"What's this?" I hear you say. Previous generation technology winning the roundup? Yes! Possibly because SLI is better supported in games as compared to Crossfire, or possibly because ATi never get it's drivers optimised for months. Whichever way you look at it, this card gives you massive performance in all games, neck and neck with the 4870X2, but at a fraction of the price. If you buy this card, you are getting flagship performance at a sensible price.




Roundup runner-up:

Sapphire HD4850
But, one person's sensible is another's ridiculous. Even if you can afford the higher performing cards, you might not want or need cutting-edge 3D performance. The thing is though, all the HD4850 cards are surprisingly capable in the newest games, but Sapphire's card proved its superiority in this roundup, even surpassing Sapphire's own Toxic version when overclocked! All whilst being right at the highest value point.


While some of the cards tested here include a few varied systems the bulk of the cards compared are run with our standard test rig. While of course there are driver improvements over time as each technology becomes more mature that allow the mature hardware to increase in performance slightly. The main focus on this roundup is the performance value of each product based on current cost and performance. As you follow the reviews we have upgraded our drivers and continue to show the improvement that these drivers allow. When this happens the hardware used in a comparison is again retested to gauge the performance with the latest driver set. Our latest reviews reflect the current scoring and may not be indicative of earlier testing with a less mature or first release driver.

  1. Introduction & The Contenders
  2. Specifications & Features
  3. Methodology & Price
  4. Head-to-head: Performance
  5. Head-to-head: Value
  6. Head-to-head: Best of Both (Performance & Value)
  7. Conclusion
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