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USB Auto Update Guide

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Here is a graphic of what this USB Auto Update system does, to help you understand its complexities. I have also created an interactive version which provides the code and a brief explanation, but there is no easy way to embed the file within this article. Click the link under the graphic to download the original SVG file, which can be viewed in at least Firefox and Chrome.







Graphic for Web.zip (Contains the interactive SVG.)


It is amazing how much work some of us will go through to produce something that enables us to be lazy. I probably spent more time learning how to do all of this and troubleshooting it than I have ever spent manually updating files on a USB drive, but then that is the price we have to pay to be lazy sometimes.

Anyway, this setup is quite possibly more complicated than most of you will need because many of you may not use with multiple computers, like I do, or use multiple USB drives, like I do. As complicated as it may be though, it does work and works well. Just be careful when adapting it for yourself so you do not accidentally delete important files.

Good luck, and cheers to the power of programming (even relatively simple programming)!

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating the Update Instructions
  3. Creating the Task
  4. Enabling Multiple Computers and Multiple USB Drives (Part 1)
  5. Enabling Multiple Computers and Multiple USB Drives (Part 2)
  6. Conclusion
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