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OCC Roundup: Motherboards of 2007

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Personally, I wanted to see which motherboard could overclock the same CPU and RAM the furthest, but this task would be near impossible, as literally THE same CPU and RAM would have to be used to avoid difference in overclockability of those components. Also, you would have to know each motherboard inside out to wring every last drop of speed out of it. Factors of cooling and ambient temperatures come into play and all of a sudden it all seems like some NASA project!

So I don't want to be a spaceman today; I want to drive around in a fast car, and then run around and shoot people and kick them in the face! Also, I want to play some games! lol.

F.E.A.R. and Need For Speed: Most Wanted are great examples of popular high action games that are both exhilirating and demanding on your computer. Let's see if the motherboard has any influence on the game performance.



Need For Speed: Most Wanted


You might be wondering, "Why does the Abit IN9 suck so much?" Well, it doesn't suck; but it's running an X1900XT, which does suck compared to an 8800GTS. You were probably also wondering why the Abit AW9D has such a low score in F.E.A.R. Again, it comes down to the X1900XT; this time it's in Crossfire and it still sucks, yet it wins at NFS:MW by a whopping 1.4 frames per second. The only significant performance advantage is the DFI 680i LT in F.E.A.R., but it's next to last in NFS:MW.

All said and done, it's fairly level pegging with the graphics card differences taken into consideration, so it's really going to come down to which motherboard is the best deal price-wise.

  1. Introduction / The Contenders (Budget / Entry Level)
  2. The Contenders (Mainstream / High End)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Head-to-head (Group 1 & 2: Core System Performance)
  5. Head-to-head (Group 1: Value Added Features)
  6. Head-to-head (Group 2: Gaming Performance)
  7. Conclusion
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