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Guide: How to Make a High-Quality Audio Interconnect for Your PC


Final Product Photos:

Here are some fancy-pants pictures of my finished cable.


Replacing the rubbish old cable with the new custom one and listening to some music surprised me a bit.  The music sounded much more animated and was coming from further out each side than before.  Also there was more detail in the sound with vocals and instruments being more defined, clear and precise.  All the differences were subtle, but certainly there, a relief that all that hard work had not been in vain!

If you love music and listen to digital formats through your computer and have an analogue amplifier I recommend making your own custom cable.  Obviously, if you have some rubbish speakers then you probably wouldn't hear the difference between your custom interconnect and a wet piece of string.  But, if the interconnect is the weakest link in your computer audio set-up, replacing it with a high quality cable is well worth the effort.



  1. Introduction
  2. What You'll Need
  3. Preparing The Cable
  4. Making The Interconnect - 3.5mm Jack Plug End
  5. Making The Interconnect - The Phono (RCA) End
  6. Final Product Photos & Conclusion
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