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Guide: How to Make a High-Quality Audio Interconnect for Your PC


Preparing The Cable:

It takes a while making a custom cable 5 metres long, and it would take a while for any length really, so it might be a good idea to get your choice of tasty beverage and put on some music to keep you refreshed and entertained!

First of all you'll want to measure out the cable and larger sized cable sleeving.  I measured out the cable to be 5 metres and the cable sleeving the same length.  It's pretty much guaranteed that when you put the sleeving on the cable, it will end up a bit shorter, this is what I intended as the larger sleeving starts at one end, but only goes as far as the split for each channel (left and right).  A tape measure is handy here.

Now, the thing about braided cable sleeving is that once you cut it, the loose ends quickly become frayed.

This is avoided by melting the freshly cut end by briskly waving a lighter's flame back and forth across the end. You don't want to set the braid on fire, just heat it enough to melt it. If it catches alight, you can just blow it out.

And then you should end up with it looking like this.  When you actually do this, you can hold the sleeving in your other hand, I just had to use a short piece of braid in the crocodile clip stand to be able to take a photo!

Now the braided sleeving can be pushed over the cable without it becoming frayed.

The method of getting the sleeving over the cable is kinda like a caterpillar walking. First you hold the sleeving at the "head" and push the "tail" up so that the braid becomes compressed.

Then you hold at the "tail" end and let go of the head and the braiding will spring forward by itself.


  1. Introduction
  2. What You'll Need
  3. Preparing The Cable
  4. Making The Interconnect - 3.5mm Jack Plug End
  5. Making The Interconnect - The Phono (RCA) End
  6. Final Product Photos & Conclusion
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