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Does Memory Speed Affect Gaming Performance; An Intel Question

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Memory V.S Gaming Conclusion:

After running through all of the tests, it appears that what I previously thought was an easy and clear answer is in fact more complicated. With the evidence provided I can safely say that memory can play a large role in some games over all frame rates. However, other factors like the processor, type of video card, and resolution will usually provide a bigger impact in the final frame rates. Strictly speaking of game performances, the fastest memory tested does yield better results. Some games average FPS was within a 3% margin of error and others were wildly different.

I think what any reader should take away from this article is that they need to factor in the rest of the system and make a sensible decision based on their setup. If you have money to burn or like to go full throttle, then you are probably already planning an SLI or Crossfire setup. At that point you might as well spend that little bit of extra money to receive a faster set of memory. However, sometimes the jump in prices from one set to another can be drastic and that money could be better spent across the system as a whole.

Personally, after running the benchmarks first hand I am going to stick to the middle road and use the extra money to buy a better video card rather than higher speeds. Memory is a very hard subject to lump into a single answer because of all the possible configurations. Some applications need more memory than speed itself, while others benefit from a faster video card or a better processor. I can, however, say that when memory becomes the system bottleneck, it is very noticeable in games and other applications.

I hope this article has enlightened some readers and if you have suggestions for future tests, your own benchmark results, or even revision ideas, please jump on the forums and let me know!

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