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What is a Macro?

Think of it as a series of keystroke commands executed with a single keystroke.

Tarantula Macro Keys

There are 10 keys that you can assign macros to. 5 on the left and 5 on the right. Each Macro key can store up to a series of 8 keystroke commands.

Creating a Macro

1) In the Razer Tarantula Configurator, click on the Macro key field corresponding to the desired Macro key.

2) This Opens the ‘Macro Key Configuration’ Window.

3) Enter a series of keystrokes in the ‘New Macro Assignment’ Field. You can also insert a delay of up to 200ms in between strokes.


Other Functions of the Macro Key

Switching Profiles

The Macro Key can also be programmed to switch to a profile.

1) Click on the ‘Select Profile’ field and select desired profile from the drop down list.


To set L1 to activate Profile 5:

Launching Programs

The Macro Keys can also be programmed to launch programs.

1) Click on the ‘Launch Program’ field and select desired executable file from the popup window.


To set L1 to activate ‘hl.exe’:

Common Usage of Macros

Macros can increase your efficiency not only when playing games but also when using applications.

Using macros for Microsoft Office

Copy (Ctrl-C) is a common command that is frequently used when using Microsoft Office. To make a macro for ‘Copy’ using the Razer Tarantula Configurator with L1 Macro key:

a) Click on the L1 Macro key field.

b) This Opens the ‘Macro Key Configuration’ Window.

c) Hold down the ‘Ctrl’ button, press and release the ‘C’ button, then release the ‘Ctrl’ button. Click ‘Apply’

d) When using Microsoft Word, simply highlight the words needed to be copied, and press the L1 Macro key.

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This Tutorial was Written By Robert "Razer Guy" Krakoff and given to Overclockers Club for use with the Razer "Tarantula" Review