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How to use IRC guide


Using mIRC

mIRC Options (Identd) Screen

Select the option for “Enable Identd server” and the option for “Use ID from email address”.

mIRC Options (Identd) Screen

If you have a socks4, or 5 Firewall or a proxy server, you can configure the appropriate settings under the Firewall option.

mIRC Options (Firewall) Screen

You can configure mIRC to connect when the program starts or if you become disconnected through the “Options” option. We'll be back to this options later to take a look at the preform commands.

mIRC Options (Options) Screen

Now, let's get you connected to the XGNet Network. But first, we need to add the server into the server list. First thing to do is still inside the mIRC Options screen (ctrl if you exited out) is to click on the Servers Option.

mIRC Options (Servers) Screen

You should see an Add button, under the IRC Server drop down menu. Click the Add button to bring up the add server screen.

Enter the following information:
Description: SkullBoxZ: Random Server
Server: irc.SkullBoxZ.net
Port(s): 6667
Group: SkullBoxZ

Leave the password blank and click Add. The server is added to the server list, and is brought up when you return to the mIRC Options. To connect to the server now, click “Connect To Server”.

  1. Introduction & Using mIRC
  2. Using mIRC Contenued
  3. Using mIRC Contenued
  4. Commands & Resources
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