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How To Install Windows 8 Guide

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Setting Up a Password:

You will have already set up a password for your account during the install process, but maybe you want to change it later. For that change to happen, you need to get to the computer's settings, which can be found on the right menu bar. It is easiest to access on a touchscreen, by dragging from right to left on the side of the screen. However, you can also access the menu by putting your mouse in the lower right corner of the screen, possibly clicking.















With the settings open, you want to select 'Change PC Settings' at the bottom to access the new Control Panel. Now click on Users, select the user you want to change the password for if there are multiple users, and click the 'Change your password' button. From here you just need to enter the current password and then give the new password along with a hint.


Configuring and Using Windows Update:

Here we may really start to see some differences between the Release Preview of Windows 8 I have been working with and the actual release version. However, these differences should be restricted to visual elements and nothing functional.

The first step to configuring and using Windows Update is to open Windows Update. To do so, you need to get into the Control Panel and scroll down to the bottom to find Windows Update.

At this point, we are going to see one of the decisions Microsoft made with Windows 8, for good or bad. During the set up process I chose to disable Windows Update because the option I wanted (notify me of updates and wait to download) was not available. In order to select that setting though, I first have to turn on recommended settings so Windows will find updates. Now, by looking at the list of available updates, I have access to the 'Choose important updates to install, or install optional updates,' button. I am assuming the reasoning behind Microsoft's decision to put this button behind so much fluff is to make the operating system friendlier for less-technology-competent people. 'You don't need these other settings, so we won't show them to you and risk confusing you,' is what I believe Microsoft was thinking.

Having clicked the button for additional options, we find ourselves at the Windows Update window where we can hit the 'Change settings' button to find the dropdown menu of options that includes my preferred 'Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them' option. Select whichever option you are comfortable with to make sure Windows updates appropriately.


That, in a nutshell, is what it takes to get Windows 8 installed and updated with the latest security patches and OS updates!

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