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A64/Opteron IHS Removal Guide


Cutting Technique


Ok, so on to the method I use for taking off the IHS. In the bottom of the cpu tray there is some dense foam to protect the pins. I suggest you place the cpu on this foam and press the cpu down onto the foam so the pins are a little more protected than nothing at all. You still have to exercise caution when holding the cpu tightly in position while cutting, I tried to hold the cpu along the edges without pressing the pins in from the sides, and also supported it from the back in the centre (on the foam).

Cutting motion

Here you can see that the blade is lined up along one side. At this moment you can locate the edge of the blade underneath the IHS ready to cut. Leave a bit of blade free so you can rotate the blade as pictured. It is very much like trying to cut the hardest cheese in the world so don't be too worried if you don't cut very far at first. Cut down a little bit and then work your way round a bit on that corner. Then move oto the next corner and so on. Once you've got most of the way through you should be especially careful not too slip and cut too far beyond the black adhesive strip (observing the distances in the photo you printed off).

You should end up with all of the corners done and the remaining part is in the middle of each edge. What I do is get the blade lined up so that only the end part is underneath the IHS and then *carefully* pull the blade along the edge. This is where you have to exercise the most control. I think the key is to gradually cut through all the corners a bit at a time, moving around the cpu, and then cut the sides a bit at a time, continuing to rotate.

Video footage

My digital camera has a video capture feature but the screen power-saving feature was annoyingly turning the screen off so I didn't know that each video capture is limited to 30 seconds regardless of the free space on the memory card. After realising this I managed to do a few takes throughout the process but annoyingly some of the footage didn't get recorded at the end for the final stages of cutting the sides. But I think you'll get a very good insight into how this technique is carried out by watching the video

IHS Removal video

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  2. Results
  3. Tools & The danger zones
  4. Cutting Technique & Video footage
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