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Grilka's Scourge Warlock Mod 13 Build

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*Last edited April 2, 2018

Scourge Warlock Guide

The Scourge Warlock was my first character I made on Neverwinter, and it’s by far my favorite class. Mod 13 has brought some much-needed changes to the SW, so it should become more viable in end-game content. I recommend Tiefling as your race, but Human is a viable alternative.


My build is focused on High Crit, at least 80% armor pen when procced, and Lifesteal. My Weapon Enchantment is the Dread, and my Armor Enchantment is Soulforged. The Feytouched is another great choice for your weapon. My Primary Artifact switches between the Lantern of Revelation and the Soulsight Crystal.

Some other good artifact choices are the Wheel of Elements, Sigil of the Devoted, and Thayan Book of the Dead. The Demon Lords’ set is really expensive and difficult to acquire, so I recommend the Black Ice Beholder set as an alternative; it has Constitution and Charisma, and stats that you need. As for companions, I focused on increasing my damage.

Feats and Powers

Because there are two free loadouts, I'll provide my two primary different builds: Fury (solo/DPS) and Temptation (parties).


This is my high-damage build. The boost to Daughter’s Promises and Critical Promise feats are awesome! (Note: if you chose Human, put your three extra points into Blood Pact of Cania).

There are a few powers I use with this loadout, depending on what I’m fighting. Some powers are better for single-target (Tyrannical Curse, Warlock’s Bargain, Flames of Empowerment), and some are better for trash mobs (Pillar of Power, Curse Bite, Gates of Hell, All-Consuming Curse). Try each power out and see which ones work best for your situation and play-style. 

At-Wills: Hellish Rebuke, Hand of Blight

Encounters: Killing Flames, Dreadtheft, Warlock’s Bargain, Curse Bite, Pillar of Power

Dailies: Tyrannical Curse, Brood of Hadar, Gates of Hell

Class Features: Flames of Empowerment, All-Consuming Curse, No Pity No Mercy

Gates of Hell is a difficult power to use effectively. I personally don't use it, but it does a lot of damage and is worth mentioning.


I use this loadout when I’m in a party or if I’m running difficult content and need the survival boost. This is primarily focused on healing and buffing allies, but still does decent damage.

As you can see, my choices for At-Wills remains the same, but the Encounter powers and Class Features have a few choices depending on the situation. PoP and Dreadtheft don’t leave my bar on this one. I prefer Warlock’s Bargain, but if you’re uncomfortable with sacrificing 15% of your HP, Vampiric Embrace is a great alternative. It doesn't deal as much damage, but you get some temp HP instead. Prince of Hell is great if you need the stat boost; otherwise, I suggest using All-Consuming Curse.

At-Wills: Hellish Rebuke, Hand of Blight

Encounters: Pillar of Power, Warlock’s Bargain, Dreadtheft, Vampiric Embrace

Dailies: Brood of Hadar, Flames of Phlegethos 

Class Features: Prince of Hell, Flames of Empowerment, All-Consuming Curse

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