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Guide: Fueler's Custom Modded Folding Rig


Finishing Touches:

Next I scrubbed the frame down first with 320 grit, then 600 grit sandpaper and cleared it with Acrylic Laquer. The reason I cleared it was so the metal wouldn't tarnish when handled. The oil from your fingers leaves marks all over buffed aluminun, the clear eliminates that problem and can be wiped clean with a soft rag.

firky: Have you thought about your HDD LEDs, and on and off push buttons? I was thinking maybe you could mount each mobo's *bits and buttons* in the left and right of the front of the frame. May seem a lot of work now to drill and feed the wires through the box, but it would keep them tidy and hidden. Maybe it's a silly idea, I dunno lol!!

Fueler: No.....I don't think that is a silly idea at all, especially since that is almost exactly what I had intended to do with the Power and Hard drive LED's laugh.gif

I drilled four holes in the front lower part of the frame for the power and hard drive LEDs.

Then I drilled four larger holes on the backside (just big enough to fit the LED body), inserted the LED and a rubber grommet to protect the wire from getting cut on the frame.

Here's a couple more pic's with the frame attached to the bottom end-cap.

I knew from the very beginning that I was going to have problems with wire management, so I had convinced myself that it was okay if wires were running all over the place as long as they didn't obstruct airflow. But when I started the final assembly, those wires started to drive me crazy and the more I tried to convince myself that it was okay the crazier I got.

I took it apart again and spent the next three or four hours with soldering iron in hand and tried every possible wiring route I could think of to clean up the mess.

This was the best I could do but under these circumstances, it's better than it was.

Almost finished cool.gif

  1. Introduction
  2. The Frame
  3. End Caps & Castor Wheels
  4. Power Supply
  5. Hard Drives & I/O Backplate
  6. Fan Brackets
  7. Top Fan Grill
  8. Panels
  9. Panel Retention
  10. Weight Reduction
  11. Finishing Touches
  12. Project Complete! (well, almost)
  13. Kill Those Watts!
  14. The Finished Case (Final Pics)
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