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DVD-ROM Window with Blue LED Mod. Guide
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Guide Date: August 22th, 2002


For the placement of the LEDs, I decided to use a indentation in the top cover. I drilled two holes toward the window to place the blue and white LEDs. Then drilled another hole toward the back of the unit to pass the LED power cables through. If you have a flat-top drive with no indentations. You could glue or tape your LEDs to the underside of the top cover.

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Now it is time to place the LEDs. To hold the LEDs in place I used some good old-fashioned hot-glue. Next, I did some tests. I put a CD into the drive and put the cover back on. I will be powering the LEDs with 7v from the power supply. To get the 7v I need I will pull power from the 12v and the 5v lines. The yellow cable being 12v and the red being 5v. I used two 5mm LEDs that have a voltage range of 3.5v to 5v and wired them in series. Looks sweet, Now a shot in the dark!

Now that's what I am talking about! Time to wire it up permanently.

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For cable I used two 22AWG stranded core, each about 8 inches long. I pulled these cables out of an old case. I soldered one end of each cable to the LEDs and covered them with heat-shrink tubing. Make sure you slip the heat-shrink on the wire before you solder the connections. Then I ran the cables through the hole I drilled on the other side of the indentation.

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Here you see the cable sticking out the back of the optical drive after the top has been put back on. The cable will run to an unused molex connector from the power supply. The next pic is of the drive put back together with the face-plate back on, ready to go into my computer.

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The optical drive back in my computer, doesn't that look sweet! I did not use any plexi on top of the drive for clearance reasons. Plus the drive sits close to the window on top of my case.

Lights Out, Looking Good!!!

Great Mod if you have a window in the top of your case. It really looks good at night when a disc is spinning away.

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