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How-to Dual Boot Windows XP and Fedora or Red Hat Linux

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Installing Fedora
Once the files are burnt to disk, it's time to put CD 1 back in the drive and reboot the computer.

Assuming you have a bootable CD-ROM, and have the drive enabled as a bootable drive, you should see a screen asking how to install Fedora.


At the boot: line, you can pass parameters here depending on your system and hardware. A list of available boot options can be found here.


I don't have to pass anything to installed Fedora on my system, so I'll just hit <enter> to install in graphical mode. Enter any of the parameters into the boot: line and then hit <enter>.


You'll then see some text fly by as Fedora probes (think plug-and-play here, not aliens) your system hardware. Hopefully some of the information looks familiar. Like your CD/DVD drives, Hard Disk, etc.

After that you should you should see a screen that appears that allows you to check the CD's for errors, or skip and proceed with the install. This is a nifty little feature that I wish Microsoft would incorporate with Windows installer. I can't count how many times, I've tried to install Windows only to find that the CD was unreadable during the last 5 min of the install. � That's enough of that, I'll try and stay away from the reasons I like Linux more than Windows during the rest of this article.

Either check your CD, or skip on to the install, and we'll see the Anaconda installer starts up, which is Red Hat's system installer.

If all went well, a nice graphical installer screen should have come up welcoming you to the Fedora Core. Click Next.

You're first choice is to select the language used during the install process. Chose English (or whatever other language you want) and click next.

Next we get to select the appropriate keyboard type for the system. If you don't know what keyboard type you have, select U.S. English and click next.

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