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Guide: DFI NF4 Ultra-D to SLI-D mod


Enabling SLI In Windows

Now all you have to do is enable SLI in the nVidia control panel, reboot the machine, and then run a few benchmarks to confirm SLI is activated and working in 3D apps.


The actual time needed to carry out the mod is only a few minutes, but getting the motherboard out of your case and the chipset off and then reinstalling it after the mod can easily take a few hours. I'd say you could get SLI working on your Ultra-D in a single evening regardless of your rig's set-up.

The additional cost of the DFI SLI bridge (or other compatible 3rd party SLI bridge) and the silver conductive paint may mean that it is more cost effective to just buy the SLI-D, SLI-DR or SLI-DR expert variants of the NF4 series. But for owners of the Ultra-D it is a relatively simple mod that gives you the opportunity to run two nVidia cards in SLI and gain a massive performance boost in SLI-enabled games (which is pretty much all games these days).

Bottom line: minimum effort, maximum payoff


  • Gain SLI functionality on your NF4 Ultra-D, effectively transforming it into a genuine SLI-D
  • Boost your 3D graphics performance in games
  • Relatively simple mod to undertake
  • Low cost: minimal tools/materials required


  • Can easily be quite fiddly and time-consuming to prepare your motherboard for modification and reinstall all the hardware
  • May not be as cost effective as simply buying an SLI variant of the DFI NF4 series (for people who don't already own the Ultra-D
  • Some people may have difficulty finding a DFI SLI bridge (although I'm sure DFI would supply you with one)

  1. Introduction & What you need
  2. Reaching The Contact Point & Bridging The Gap
  3. Spaced Out & Setting Up
  4. Enabling SLI in Windows & Conclusion
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