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Guide: DFI NF4 Ultra-D to SLI-D mod


Spaced Out

While perusing the net trying to find out if two VF700-Cu's in SLI would fit, I noticed someone made a spacer to keep the cards at a fixed distance from each other to avoid the 1st card's fan touching the backplate/screws of the 2nd VF700-Cu. I approximated the gap to be 38mm so i used a 8mm male-female and a 30mm female-female. Turns out the gap is a touch wider like maybe 39 or 40mm. The spacers take M3 screws so you can just use optical drivecage mounting screws as they are short M3 machine screws. I used two small washers to make the spacer a little wider (because my spacers are only 38mm wide in total).

This step is totally optional, and only really required if you are using two large 3rd-party graphics heatsinks like the VF700-Cu.

Hex Spacers A

Hex Spacers B

Setting It Up

Here you can see the spacer at the bottom of the pic, and a cunning Q-tip / cotton-bud at the top of the page used to keep my soundcard from shorting out on the 2nd VF700-Cu hehe.

2x7800GT's Installed

So I booted up and went into the bios screen to see what rates my PCI-E slots were at, expecting them to be the same (I just wanted to see it before I changed the SLI jumpers on the mobo) and lookie here, 6600GT compatibility option... so something's changed! :)


So I moved the jumpers over. My rig is set up on my mobo box as some of you will already know, and the extraction tool is inside the box. It's nigh on impossible to open the box with all the cables and watercooling in place so i just used my finger- and thumb-nails to pick the SLI jumpers up... they're only long jumpers after all.

Now I Have an SLI-D

A few hours work, and now i have SLI...


  1. Introduction & What you need
  2. Reaching The Contact Point & Bridging The Gap
  3. Spaced Out & Setting Up
  4. Enabling SLI in Windows & Conclusion
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