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Guide: DFI NF4 Ultra-D to SLI-D mod


Reaching The Contact Point

Note: If you can't figure out how to remove the chipset fan, just give up now and buy an SLI-D/SLI-DR. This is also a perfect opportunity to switch out the stock DFI chipset fan for the much better Evercool VC-RE chipset fan!

This is the thing that most people are probably talking about when they say it's not possible on newer boards, it's just a covering over two points that you need to connect.


I just used a craft knife to scratch over the epoxy in all directions, being careful to not hit the nearby surface mounted component (I guess a resistor)


...and after some more scratching and a little clean up with IPA (using cotton buds / q-tips), you can see the exposed contacts!

Little More Scratchy

Bridging The Gap

I went for the fine tip silver conductive pen as we have a choice of regular and fine where i work. I'm glad I went with the fine because the contacts are hard to see let alone join up with a pen!!!

I just slowly built up a little blob to ensure that a contact would be made and I wouldn't have to disassemble and re-do it.


  1. Introduction & What you need
  2. Reaching The Contact Point & Bridging The Gap
  3. Spaced Out & Setting Up
  4. Enabling SLI in Windows & Conclusion
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