How-to Make a CPU Keychain

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Ever miss your favorite CPU manufacturer when you leave your house � if you ever leave your house? Want to carry something around that shows your unconditional support for your favorite CPU manufacturer? Well the perfect way to do so is with a CPU keychain! This guide will take though the tedious art of de-pinning, and the construction of your very own CPU keychain.

Estimated time: 1 hour.

What You Need

* Depending on the type of CPU you are working with, you will require different drill bits. I was working with an Athlon 2800; whose PCB is made out of silicon variant making it fairly easy to drill through. If you are working with a ceramic PCB like a Pentium II, a diamond tip drill bit is required.

Clear the Forest of Pins, De-Pinning and Drilling � The epic adventure begins
Now before you get started, I would just like to note that this isn�t for those with ADD or any other condition regarding attention span because this is a very, very tedious process, and alone took � of the total time. This is another one of those mods where you should go grab yourself a drink; I choose Nestea�, find a very, very comfortable spot with sufficient lighting and make sure you don�t have anything planned for the next hour or so. Also be sure to have some form of eye protection, because once those pins get snapping, some will fly, and if you are unlucky, right in the eye.

Now that you are prepared, let�s get started! Turn that CPU over to reveal the pins. First take notice on the patterns, they make diagonal lines, so it would be best to start at a corner. Slide that thin straight object behind that lucky pin in the corner, then bend it outwards. Take note that the first bend is the most difficult. After the pin is bent forward as far as possible, bend it back the other way, the then the other way again. Notice how much easier it gets? Well time for the final hit before it falls off; bend it in the opposite direction and watch it fall! Note that depending on what CPU you use, different number of �bends� will be necessary, if you were bending P4 pins, this would take about 2 bends. Now moving on, you will probably have 3 pins on this row, repeat the bending procedure and the pins will cleanly fall off. As you get further and further into the CPU you will become more effective, at times clearing 10 or more pins at a time!

Now that you have made a significant dent into the forest of pins, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, if not, grab another drink.

Continue doing this until obviously all the pins have been cleared. Wasn�t that FUN? Well if you didn�t think it was fun, you will once you�re done this keychain! You shall be envied by those foolish mortals.

Clear the Forest of Pins, De-Pinning and Drilling � The epic adventure begins

Now that you have completely cleared the forest of pins, time for the easy part that will separate the �screwed beyond belief CPU�s� and the keychain CPU�s! Grab your favorite rotary tool; my weapon of choice is the classic drill. Remember, those CPU�s with ceramic PCB�s will crack if drilled too quickly, and also a diamond tip drill bit is required. If you got silicon PCB CPU, any ordinary drill bit will to through it like butter.

Now that you have your beautiful hole, attach the key ring.

Now isn�t that just amazing? You have to agree, that is the coolest keychain ever created in this world. Words just can�t describe it! And you know what? You just made yourself one! I bet you are excited to see it in action.

Now can you imagine entering your house like that? Or going to a LAN with your case keys attached to this? Just visualize how cool that would be!

Well that�s it for this guide, this is defiantly something each and every computer crazy freak out there should have, and in fact I have three! This is not an overly complicated creation, but due to the many different circumstances, there are many different possibilities of de-pinning, drilling, etc. I went through many different methods of de-pinning before I landed on this. If you are de-pinning a ceramic CPU, you could always grab that trusty dremel, but I would suggest that you take cover because once those pins go flying the situation would be equivalent to a trigger-happy gamer spraying. I hope you found this guide helpful, and that you have been successful! Never again will you ever dare lose your keys because you wouldn�t want to loose your cherished keychain. Oh, and don�t forget to post pictures of your keychain!

If your CPU has an IHS, (integrated heat spreader) consider etching something into it!