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7800GT Volt-mod



Now you can overclock your graphics card much in the same way as your cpu and ram! The extra voltage means you can increase the gpu and memory speeds beyond those that you achieved on stock voltage meaning higher performance that could potentially rival or even surpass that of an overclocked 7800GTX!

Before the mod I could only run speeds of 508 MHz core, 1.180 GHz (DDR) memory using the 1.5V GPU bios volt-mod. This was in SLI configuration so the clocks were slightly lower than a single card (520 / 1.200). After the mod I could successfully run the cards in SLI at 540 MHz core (+40 MHz delta) and 1.300GHz DDR memory when using 1.71v gpu and 2.35v memory.

Here are some comparisons of the benchmarks scores of my 7800GT SLI setup with the maximum overclocks before and after the volt-mod:







A comparison of the maximum scores achieved before and after the volt-mod

The performance gain may look small, but remember this is the increase over the maximum overclock before the volt-mod. Now the scores are high enough to compete with 7800GTX SLI setups!



  • Maximise the performance of your 7800GT card
  • Gain graphics power to compete with an overclocked 7800GTX for pocket change
  • Feel the intense satisfaction of a successful hard-mod!


  • A very high skill in soldering is essential
  • Soldering mistakes can lead to component damage
  • Efficient cooling is required when using higher voltages
  • Voids your warranty


  1. Guide: 7800GT Volt-mod
  2. Hardcore soldering
  3. Placing the components
  4. Preparing the resistors
  5. Soldering to the card
  6. Testing the resistance
  7. Conclusion
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