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7800GT Volt-mod


Soldering to the card:

And now the hard part... First you need to prepare the solder points. Both measuring points and the 10K ground point benefit from a little scraping with a knife as there is almost certainly a thin layer of PCB lacquer. The other solder points (i.e. the surface-mounted resistors) you can just leave as they are.














A magnifying glass can be used to confirm the position of the wires prior to soldering.


I found a magnifying glass was useful to line up the cables in the right position, but the change in magnification meant that it was easier just to solder with the naked eye. I do have very good eyesight though and many people would probably find this a lot easier if they used a magnifying lens of some description.

Just keep the reference pictures at hand, make sure the wires are lined up at the correct position, solder carefully and avoid excessive heat transfer to the surface-mounted resistors. Check the solder joints after for any signs of bridging to nearby components or any stray solder.

Attaching the components to the card

After soldering you should end up with the two resistors and a molex connector tethered to the card.

Soldering finally over!


Use hot glue, super-glue, or some other adhesive to fix the new components in place on the edge of the card. You should end up with something like this:

The volt-modded 7800GT.


Stand back and admire your work... But don't stand there too long as the mod is not over yet!

  1. Guide: 7800GT Volt-mod
  2. Hardcore soldering
  3. Placing the components
  4. Preparing the resistors
  5. Soldering to the card
  6. Testing the resistance
  7. Conclusion
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