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7800GT Volt-mod


Preparing the resistors:

First you need to turn the resistors all the way to the left (anti-clockwise / counter-clockwise). The reasoning behind this is that you want to set the resistor up so that turning it clockwise increases the voltage, and turning it anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) decreases it. This follows the logic of screws, taps (faucets), and volume controls so the added voltage controls act in the same way.













Use a small screwdriver to set the variable resistor


With the multi-turn resistors they don't stop turning once they get to one end so you will have to confirm that they are indeed at the end by testing the resistance between the centre leg and each outer leg. So after turning the 50Kohm resistor to the left many times, check the resistance for ~0 ohms on one pair of legs, and ~50Kohms on the other.

Testing the position of the 50Kohm resistor


If the resistances aren't around 0 and 50K then keep turning until they are. Then do the same for the 10Kohm resistor.

Testing the position of the 10Kohm resistor


Once you are sure that both resistors are set to their leftmost position you want to keep the legs with the maximum resistance. So the pair of legs with ~50Kohms for the 50K resistor and ~10Kohms for the 10K resistor. Cut the other leg off after you have double-checked which legs to keep.

Next you need to prepare some lengths of the thin-gauge cable long enough to reach from the resistor location on the card to the respective solder points. Strip the wire, tin it, and cut some heatshrink and place it over the wire before soldering to the resistor so that you can slide it up and shrink it after soldering.

"Helping hands" soldering tools really come in handy here (pun not intended, honest!)


After soldering each resistor and shrinking the heatshrink you should end up with something like this:

10K and 50K variable resistors prepared


I have skipped over the preparation of the molex connector as you only need to crimp two of the pins onto a pair of cables. If you can't do this then just give up now. Place the pins in the molex so that the left corresponds to the memory and the right corresponds to the gpu reading point. That way it matches the resistor location so that you can take readings from and make adjustments to the left pin and resistor (memory) or the right pin and resistor (gpu).

  1. Guide: 7800GT Volt-mod
  2. Hardcore soldering
  3. Placing the components
  4. Preparing the resistors
  5. Soldering to the card
  6. Testing the resistance
  7. Conclusion
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