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Image #4 for Maverick

Case name:     Maverick
By: TrounceD
Homepage: www.geocities.com/pucklovinguy

here are the toggle switches for my fans


heres my comps insides, no lights (alas) cuz i was usin one but the guy i borrowed it from took it back, so i think im gonna have to buy one :(

heres a pic of my hard drives cooling, the fan stands 11cm tall thats 4 1/2 inches for all u dumb people

i spilled coke on my board, took it apart and loss interest in reassembling it so i taped the pressure sensing unit to the desk and voila, its like star trek all over again

here are the toggle switches for my fans

this is my customized CPU fan and heat sync, but alas the heat sync is not visible fromsuch an angle
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