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Image #4 for BLU3-1C3 Version 2.0

Case name:     BLU3-1C3 Version 2.0
By: JATownes

I love this case, do not think I will ever replace it

BLU3-1C3 Version 2.0

Photoshoot in the sun

Power running, but no connections for photos, LOL

I love this case, do not think I will ever replace it

Its really silver & chrome, the gold is a light reflection

Makes a great night light, unless the fans are high, then its more like a jet

13 fans total, can you find the wires?

Please comment if you find this as beautiful and clean as I

Right window fan is intake, Left is exhaust. Perfect for the 4850 single slot reference card design. Stays VERY cool now

Like the braided sleeved fan lines? Compliments to my wife for a good idea

This is a photo without the side panel and no cathodes on. This is the way it usually looks

Excuse the stickers on the lower bay cover, they have not been replaced since I rebuilt

Powered Off with no lights, you see the black & chrome theme more clearly

The two fan connectors in the bottom right are connected to extensions running in rails along the side panel to the side fans

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I wanted to include pics of the PSU and top exhaust fan

This is a pic of the 92mm intake fan mounted in the floor of the case

A close up shot through the window.

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