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Case Image for Matt McFaul

Case name:     Matt McFaul
By: Matt McFaul
Homepage: www.docmodgod.com

Matt McFaul

Matt McFaul

voltage monitoring for pelt psu's and toggles to shut them down for system bleeding. Acrylic bay resevoirs, toggle above is a master control that turns on all cooling without turning on the main system for precooling prior to benching.

9800pro 256 volt moded with soldered in voltage display below variable resistor, 510core/405mem at 1.79v used in signiture benches

modded mcw50-t 80 watt pelt on the 8rga northbridge

full picture of my ut2k3 gaming rig

needed space for the dual meanwells to fit with all the h2o stuff, the other pump in an ehiem and is located in the bottom case.
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