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Case Image for Sigge Lundqvist

Case name:     Sigge Lundqvist
By: Dreadlock
Homepage: www.efd.lth.se/~e00sl/chassi/

Sigge Lundqvist

Sigge Lundqvist

Sideview of how the compressor is fitted under the rest of the computer. The powersupply is a Q-tec 550 W to keep up with the large amount of power required to keep it running. Note that the motherboard now is on the higher part of the case and not in the bottom like customary.

Here's what everybody has been talking about lately - The samsung 15" Industrial TFT. The reason I went for this one is that it's only 8mm thick! I got it off ebay dirtcheep and with some premade controller together with solderingskills I managed to build an interface!

The compressor and the radiator that belongs to it. Note that there is some more work to be done to the steel frame inside the case, but it's not on the top of my prioroty list since you can't really see it when the sides are attatched. The green thing is the screens controller.

Close dark look at the compressor which have that alienglow over it. I think people are using way too much blue lights nowdays so I went for a really bright purple color wich in the dark almost looks white. The red to the left is a ledmodified 120mm exhaust fan.

Since the tube from the compressor to the cpu is in the way and the fact that I'm placing a compressor on the backside makes it impossible to have the powersupply on the normal place - so I simply placed in in the middle of the computer - where the heart belongs!
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