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Case Image for Chris Robb

Case name:     Chris Robb
By: Cjrules22
Homepage: www.binarybyte.net

Chris Robb

Chris Robb

This baby is loaded with 4 UV black lights, 2 UV Black Light Cannons, 1 Green Cathode, and lighting from a broken fan controller ;-P .

21 Fans Total! ::: 5 Dual HD Coolers, 6 blue fans, 1 mult. color fan, 1 Thermaltake CPU Fan (completely speed adjustable), 1 Thermaltake 480Watt Power Supply (Completely Speed Adjustable).

Green cathode on side, UV cannons on top.

Complete control of every light and fan. One 6 fan controller with 2 toggle switches, 1 panel with 6 toggle switches, 1 panel with 3 rocker switches, and CPU and power supply fan controllers on top.

Perfect for my Dance Dance Revolution Rave Partys! :-D {that's right, dance pad style}
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