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Kaleidoscope Waterfall
By: Lontek Rating: 8 (6 votes)
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Cost: $600-800
Last updated: 01/10/2007
Info: Custom Built case from Plexi sheets, custom modded Swiftech waterblock, modded plexi fishtank for resevoir. Watercooled AMD Athlon XP 2600 Mobile
@ 2492 MHZ.(200FSB X 12.5 Multi) Had to bump the Vcore voltage up just a "mite" to 1.6 or 1.65 volts. Idle temp 30C load 40C,, summertime case temp 29-32C. 512 PC 2700 DDR RAM. Biostar m7ncg-400 Micro-ATX mainboard.
Water comp: 90-95% Distilled water 5-10% Hy-Per Lube super coolant additive. Polished rocks and glass "stones" in resevoir.
8 Gig HDD Disk window mod with lazer Led multi colered light shining in. DVD RW custom paint/Picture mod.
Power control/fanbus on front panel. Super Flower
450 W PSU. Sound blaster Live! surround sound with
5.1 speaker system.Green cold cathode fan, and a blue ropelight. Would like to overclock a bit higher but I probably will need to disable the onboard Nvidia video chip and add a different vid card. Perhaps the PC2700 will limit me too.
9/1/04 Put in Geforce 2 AGP card increased voltage to 1.65 and bumped up overclock to 2534MHZ. So far running good. Perhaps It will go higher yet...
Temps are now in the mid 30's C idle.
Seems to like 2.5GHZ @1.7V
Comments: (11)
Room lights off, daytime.
Room lights off, daytime.
There is a lid on it. Nice clear acrylic.
There is a lid on it. Nice clear acrylic.
Swiftech water block W/modded fittings and clamping mech.
Swiftech water block W/modded fittings and clamping mech.
DVD custom paint/picture
DVD custom paint/picture
Up to 2630MHZ  (210 X 12.5 @ 1.7 V
Up to 2630MHZ (210 X 12.5 @ 1.7 V
DECwakeboarder commented on 2006-01-09 22:00:00 that:
Looks really nice, only thing I would do is remove that pic and repaint the dvd drive, and ditch the red in the front, the blue and green looks very nice together.

Hushplz commented on 2005-11-08 22:00:00 that:
wow looks really good :D

Hushplz commented on 2005-11-08 22:00:00 that:
wow looks really good :D

Psychotic_god commented on 2005-09-08 22:00:00 that:
WOW! well nice job...really...im impressed....

contra33 commented on 2004-08-29 22:00:00 that:
i like very much

Lontek commented on 2004-08-29 22:00:00 that:
Thanks for all the nice comments guys. Been on vacation or I woulda responded earlier. Many of the cool ideas I got from sites like this one. The HDD mod is a tough one and risky (thats why it's only a 8 Gig HD, to scared to try a large drive)
but it can be done. So far the drive is working flawlessly. There are some different articles out there on how to do it, but the tip I read about using brand new gallon size zip lock bags impressed me the most. I aircanned the outside of the drive good then moved to a different work area and carefully
removed the bolts and cut the seal. Then I placed the whole drive in the new baggy and put my clean hands in there and carefully removed the lid. I then removed the HDD lid to be modded from the baggy and zipped up the baggy. The drive sat in that clean environment till I was done with the cover mod. There was more but you get the gist.... I felt there were two keys to the mod. 1) The new gallon zip lock baggy. And 2)I used a drive that I could afford to lose. This one has a high degree of risk and of course will void your warranty but sure is nice if it can be pulled off.

TimeMachine commented on 2004-08-26 22:00:00 that:

anthony commented on 2004-08-25 22:00:00 that:
uh,... minddrive.. you open it and put the hd into a container and mod the cover :S

worker commented on 2004-08-24 22:00:00 that:
very nice case got a lot of wires in it was it hard to buld it. Great looking one lot better in looks then mine. It is the case called my case or above yours in the case show

DarkScorpion commented on 2004-08-24 22:00:00 that:
Niiiice, awesome case man :)

MindDrive commented on 2004-08-24 22:00:00 that:
WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!! HOW THE HELL !!! did you mod your harddrive???????????? did you do that? or did you send it in to be done??? and if you did it yourself how did you get it open without trapping dust in it?? you need like a class 1 dust free environment for harddrives !!! :P oh man thats nice

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