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Green Machine
By: xBuddhax Rating: 7 (5 votes)
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Cost: $3000+ CND
Last updated: 01/10/2007
Info: P4 3.0C
DFI Landparty Pro875B rev. B1
Thermalright SP-97 HSF
Swiftech MCX159-P NB Cooler
OCZ PC4000 EL Gold
ATI Radeon 9800XT @ 450/760
2 x WD Raptors (36Gig) Stripe 0
Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platinum EX
Plextor 708A CD/DVD Burner
Coolermaster Aerogate I
Coolermaster Musketeer
Coolermaster CoolDrive 4
Matrix Orbital MX222 LCD
Mitsumi 6-in-1 Mermory Card Reader/1.44 Floppy
X-Superalien Case
Thermaltake Silen PurePower 560W PSU (To replace the current Aspire 500W)
Comments: (13)
Not o/c'ed yet.  Waiting f
Not o/c'ed yet. Waiting f
Sorry for the clutter.  Won't tidy up until got new PSU.
Sorry for the clutter. Won't tidy up until got new PSU.
Hushplz commented on 2005-11-23 22:00:00 that:
Looks Good Keep It Up

Psychotic_god commented on 2005-09-12 22:00:00 that:
Good job with front...and the inside is amazing, good use of colors....

Nerm commented on 2005-09-05 22:00:00 that:
It looks good even though I am not a fan of that case.

bc-17 commented on 2005-04-27 22:00:00 that:
wow dude, that's a lot of color. :D It's almost overwhelming but the UV color is just fine in my book. What mods did you do to it? It seems all factory made. Just curious btw.

maladroitme2 commented on 2005-01-18 22:00:00 that:
hey man nice case, good job...
I have the same case, but I cant figure out how to hook up the temp reader screen..could you please help me out by telling me what you did or pointing me in the direction of someone who could? thanks man...my email is [email protected] if you'd like to drop me a line

xBuddhax commented on 2004-05-05 22:00:00 that:
Well I monitor alot of things on my pc. Ever item that produces heat has a thermal probe attached to it. Vid card, NB, CPU, HDD, Memory. The LCD gives me readouts of the system status and I have like 9 fans in this case.

General commented on 2004-05-04 22:00:00 that:
try foam adhesive tape. as a warning tho. that stuff aint coming off without a fight.

use it if u dont want holes in your walls.

nice rig i like it. although what do u need all that monitoring hardware for?

Special_K commented on 2004-05-02 22:00:00 that:
Wow that setup should scream, Lets see how high it benches (do you have any now?)

anthony commented on 2004-05-02 22:00:00 that:
what did you use to suspend your boxes?

xBuddhax commented on 2004-05-02 22:00:00 that:
I tried some of that blue sticky tact, but it didn't hold. So I used thumbtacts. :)

SHANK commented on 2004-05-01 22:00:00 that:
wow thats a sweet rig

DarkScorpion commented on 2004-05-01 22:00:00 that:
niIice...lets see how high that baby goes when you get your new PSU =) You coulda gotten the 480w butterfly, it comes pre-sleeved and is REALLY stable, but I guess when you need ALOT of power...

xBuddhax commented on 2004-05-01 22:00:00 that:
Actually I'm getting the TT PurePower 560W PSU. I need lots of power!! :)

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