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By: EkStaZy Rating: 8 (2 votes)
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Cost: $1635
Last updated: 01/10/2007
Info: MotherBoard : GigaByte GA-8Vt800(-L)P4 Titan
CPU : Pentium IV 2.8 @2.82 w/ Ht technology
Ram : 768 Corsair XMS @ 2700pc
VideoCard : EVGA FX5200 128 megs w/9800 pro heatsink
Harddrive : WD 80 Gigabyte
PSU : RaidMax 350 watt

6 Blue LED fans
1 Green CC
1 Red CC
3.5 Floppy Drive
17" NEC MultiSync LCD1765
Creative 2.1 2900
Altec Lansing HeadSet W/mic
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Hushplz commented on 2005-11-23 22:00:00 that:
Looks Good Keep It Up

Psychotic_god commented on 2005-09-12 22:00:00 that:
Nice lighting effects....

anthony commented on 2004-04-15 22:00:00 that:
lol 2.8 to 2.82? hmm intersteing :)

OweO2004 commented on 2004-04-15 22:00:00 that:
not bad man, but oc that p4 a bit more. should hit 3ghz no trouble!

DarkScorpion commented on 2004-04-15 22:00:00 that:
in case you didnt notice, he cant oc it anymore unless he uses dividers. Nice case, btw, just work on wire management.

sdy284 commented on 2004-04-15 22:00:00 that:
Nice monitor!! I have the same one...mines the 17inch...is that what yours is?

EkStaZy commented on 2004-04-15 22:00:00 that:
17 inch =)

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