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By: aznguy11 Rating: 6 (2 votes)
Homepage: come.to/aznguy11 Login to rate this case
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Cost: $1400-/+
Last updated: 01/10/2007
Info: Specs on website.
Comments: (5)
RichMayo commented on 2006-09-13 22:00:00 that:
Very nice top fan installation!!

Psychotic_god commented on 2005-09-14 22:00:00 that:
Good job....

Nerm commented on 2005-04-17 22:00:00 that:
looks nice!

wenis commented on 2003-08-27 22:00:00 that:
very cool

trm96 commented on 2003-08-21 22:00:00 that:
The top mounted fans kick butt and I love the HDD window!

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