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Wall Mount Media Center
By: Felda Rating: 7 (11 votes)
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Last updated: 08/2/2009
Info: This case was designed with the intention of being in the living room, and asthetically pleasing to my non-geek wife. I had a media center machine in the living room already, and found that it quickly replaced all my other components such as the dvd player, radio, and cable box. Also, all of my dvd and music collection was backed up to the media center. With the tv now mounted to the wall, the tv stand was only doing one thing, holding my media center pc. So I set out to find a wall mounted computer case. Couldn't find one so I designed and built my own.
Temps: proc (e6750) sits at 42c idle and 65c prime95ing for 3 hours. Gpu (3850) idles 49c and 70c 3dmark.
Comments: (4)
The Wall Mount Media Center
The Wall Mount Media Center
USB and Power Button
USB and Power Button
Also made a Frosted Cover
Also made a Frosted Cover
Scarz commented on 2009-12-23 22:04:10 that:
FUCKING awesome man thats so sweeet

tkrow21 commented on 2009-08-19 21:37:13 that:
HOLY! That's ridiculous. I have a wall mounted TV with the wires running behind the wall, but the bottom (aka all the players, consoles, cable box etc) looks MUCH messier. CD/DVD drive is nicely done there.

SnooSnooKachu commented on 2009-08-09 13:00:28 that:
Looks very artsy and clean. I would love to see this in my living room!

Andrewr05 commented on 2009-08-08 23:14:54 that:
WOW, that turned out awesome. --- Great job!

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