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Last updated: 09/8/2008
Info: Well guys heres some pictures of my sanctuary.
The main computer is Flatline Iv'e just fitted a 60 Gig OCZ v2 SSD for XP Pro/applications and it has 2 TB Samsung F1 for storage and a 500 Gb swap/cache disk, the CPU is a Amd FX57 clocked at 3.2 and I'm running 2 Ati graphic cards to power the 92" of monitor real estate,the max memory that I can run is two gigs with my setup and it is plenty fast enough, this system is mainly used for photo editing with Cs3/PSPx2/Daz/Bryce and for designing software. Using 3 water loops (graphic/CPU/hard disks) I can run totally passive, although if I feel the need and it is a hot day I can run a combination of 6 fans to cool the 1.5 gallons of special coolant. It has also been featured in magazines.

Coma is my gaming rig and its also 1 of the Internet systems that I run networked around our house, Cpu is dual core e 8600 running at 3.4 and 4 Gb Ocz memory the Ati 4870x2 hasn't been clocked yet and because it runs an external water cooler stays extra cool, It has only one 500 Gb hard drive and is a lot easier to work on than Flatline. Coma runs one 28" screen and the second monitor is set as a desktop extension that doubles up as Sky TV and camera security viewer.
If you want I've just uploaded a video that will give you an idea of the scale.
If your wondering about the total cost of what's in the room, me to!!!

Comments: (9)
Wolfrider commented on 2011-05-26 01:25:45 that:

DylanFromCanada commented on 2009-08-31 14:15:29 that:
I looked up "geek" in the dictionary and your name is beside it and I mean that as a compliment.

darth_tator commented on 2009-03-25 07:31:32 that:
im dumb struck! the one thing im not diggin in the girly lookin "coma" thing on the case. other than that AMAZING!!!!!

chrisss2288 commented on 2009-03-04 14:25:22 that:
very impressive!

Pagla07 commented on 2008-09-24 13:14:54 that:
now theres somthin u definitly wont see everyday.... nyc

Mr.Glover commented on 2008-09-22 04:42:58 that:
that bad i dont like it

Mr.Glover commented on 2008-09-22 04:42:40 that:

virustec commented on 2008-09-09 13:26:43 that:

Bosco commented on 2008-09-08 22:49:21 that:
Good god

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