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By: Encrypted_God Rating: 8 (9 votes)
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Last updated: 01/10/2007
Info: First off, I hated the looks of this case. Even when I was looking around to buy a case I saw this one and said, "I really like this case but it looks horrible". I love to Mod. So I bought the case with that in mind.
From the time I opened the box I thought, “Yuck!” Especially the checker board looks on the front.

I took some spray paint and applied it to the hideous checker board. I also painted the inside black (The Drive bays etc). I thought it drew to much focus away from the important stuff. I also used the hardcano for a little while. But as my parts started to multiply so did the wires. The hardcano has a lot of wires! Almost impossible to hide all or make it look neat.

I replaced the window. I also cut off that plastic black air vent (Top-Intake). It was a real air flow restrictor. The bottom fan: now this idea is still a mystery to me. Originally this was an exhaust. If this was to be an exhaust, why was the air blowing right into the glass with no where for the warm air to go? No kidding. So I cut a hole and installed a 120mm fan and now it's an intake. Good move I think because it is now blowing cool air toward my 7900GT
There was a shutter type of door (refer to the original pic) that held these two fans. This was ok but as time went along I thought that this hindered the view of the inside. So I completely took that out and attached the fans to the window.
I completely disconnected the hardcano. Though, I am still using it as a Temp. Monitor. IMO the hardcano is/was an idea that should been thrown back to the drawing board. The fan controls/adjustments were so slight that you could hardly tell or even made a difference. There are also front 2 control knobs that originally controlled the rear and front fans. These 2 knobs I still use but they control the top & front fans. These controls have more of an adjustment level than the Hardcano. My thought was to have the upper fan have this "better control/adjustment" because it is an exhaust, makes sense? I think so.
The front fan also as it blows directly onto my 2-36.7GB Raptors that are in Raid-0. I disconnected the top audio, USB ports and Firewire connections. Never used 'em so why have them connected and waste valuable space and a severe-wire-management headache.

To finalize the appearance, I like the color red so I added some Cold Cathodes. I know I am missing some details here as I am writing this on the spur of them moment.
Comments: (9)
Out of the box
Out of the box
Encrypted_God commented on 2006-11-09 22:00:00 that:
Naah..I tried the UV thing, didn't like it.

PCGuru commented on 2006-10-22 22:00:00 that:
Nice clean setup but it does not show well with that lighting. Go UV.

trey commented on 2006-10-21 22:00:00 that:
very nice 10/10

UkJenT commented on 2006-10-20 22:00:00 that:
Awesome Job.

Encrypted_God commented on 2006-10-18 22:00:00 that:
Yea, it does look pink in the pics but it's not. Could be the Dig. camera? Thanx all for the awesome feedback! Gives me that warm fuzzy feeling :|

Encrypted_God commented on 2006-10-18 22:00:00 that:
OH! 5 fans is enough I think. 1-90 on top, 1-90 on the front, 1-90 on the XP-90, 1-90 on upper window side and 1-120 on the lower window side.

Gr4vitas commented on 2006-10-18 22:00:00 that:
Looks nice bro, keep up the good work.

tdsviper commented on 2006-10-14 22:00:00 that:
I like it!! Self made
Only thing, the claw on the front is great its mean butt then u have the pink door. Etleast i think its a door.
Wiring is great butt it could use a little more fans. Do u have soe night shots too??
Overall a 8 out of 10 nice job.

andrew220590 commented on 2006-10-13 22:00:00 that:
This is actually a great MOD...What are the psecs of your Rig just out of interest? Wire management is really neat...You must be proud of yourself

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