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By: diny4ever-15 Rating: 5 (4 votes)
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Cost: donno
Last updated: 01/10/2007
Info: CPU:AMD 4200+ X2 Dual Core
MOBO:Abit AN8 SLI/PCI Express
RAM:Kingston 1GB Hyper X
VGA:Nvidia 6600 256MB PCI Express i will change it to 7900 gt very soon
POWER SUPPLY:Super Flower Plug N Power 530Watt
Hard Disk:80GB SATA i will change it to 300GB
Case:Thermaltake Kandalf
Acessories: Revoltec Quiet Funs
4 Leds Blue Colour
Blue Orb II Cooler
IDE Akasa Blue Led Glow

Monitor:Samsung SyncMaster 920N
Speakers:Logitech Z.2300
Keyboard:Logitech G15
Mouse:Logitech G7

Comments: (13)
diny4ever-15 commented on 2006-11-19 22:00:00 that:
lol dish aaaaa this pics is shit blue orb cooler yiax v8 Power and the cpu here 3700 now i have 4200 and the wire managment is shits and i dont have now 6600 vga i have 7950gt 512mb

diny4ever-15 commented on 2006-11-10 22:00:00 that:
pls notice that case pics is very old i change it and now i change it again the case im trying to do it more clean more beatuful and without mess cables

diny4ever-15 commented on 2006-11-02 22:00:00 that:
to all: this pics is very old i change cooler vga i buy ekl v8 cooler and 7950gt 512mb ddr3 and the cables is change and bla bla

tdsviper commented on 2006-11-01 22:00:00 that:
just 1 question why are u upgrading the 7800gtx to a 7900gt. the performance it gains is minimal butt the cost is high. I have a 7800gtx too and i still can run all the new games on HIGH and everything turned ON.
If u want to spend money get another 7800gtx and run it SLI. ithink that will be more cost effective.


tdsviper commented on 2006-11-01 22:00:00 that:
sorry my commend was for another case. Never mind, ur doing good taking the 7900gt.


diny4ever-15 commented on 2006-10-22 22:00:00 that:
hey trey this pics is very old and i forgot to take a pic with the panels looooool i will put new pics with new dtuff thanks

trey commented on 2006-10-21 22:00:00 that:
pretty nice, where are the side panels?

diny4ever-15 commented on 2006-10-13 22:00:00 that:
this pics is very old i will put new soon with 7900gt

diny4ever-15 commented on 2006-10-13 22:00:00 that:
i change a lot of cables and bla bla

alvis commented on 2006-09-15 22:00:00 that:
re gumbare enen kala n les i will change tha se pareksigisun gmt

andrew220590 commented on 2006-09-13 22:00:00 that:
nice case =D

Paxim commented on 2006-09-12 22:00:00 that:
nice cables, could use some more work though.

DarkScorpion commented on 2006-09-07 22:00:00 that:
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