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Neverwinter Siege Event Returns

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: May 17, 2018 06:16AM
Author: Grilka8050

Starting tomorrow, the two-week-long Siege begins in Neverwinter. This is one of my favorite events because it has so many good rewards! 

If you have a low-level character, this event is a great way to power level your toon. The mobs are all Level 60, and you are bumped up/down to Level 60, so if you are lower level, you can get a lot of XP from the mobs. 

If you do the daily quest each day, you can also get enough currency to get an Epic Mount: the Siegebreaker Griffon! This mount is super awesome because it has the Wanderer’s Fortune Insignia Bonus, which means you get a bunch of Refining points. This bonus works like a really beefy Dragon’s Hoard Enchantment. 

You can also use your event currency to buy Quartermaster Enchantments. This Guide explains in more depth how to use them effectively. In a nutshell, you need three R12’s when you open the bags on 2x refining stones weekend, and to save your bags for that event. 

The most awesome part of this event (in my opinion) is the Vouchers that drop from the trash mobs. These are a great way to stock up on Campaign Currencies and other resources for your Guild Coffer and level up your Stronghold. You will also get a lot of Guild Marks!  

There are more rewards for this event (like fashion items, Dye Packs, and Companions), but the rewards listed are the items worth farming the most. 

Source: Arc Games

Cryptic Announces the Neverwinter: Ravenloft Expansion

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: May 10, 2018 09:57PM
Author: Grilka8050

A new realm is on the way soon to Neverwinter: Ravenloft. Launching June 26, 2018, this spooky realm will be the theme of Mod 14. This new Campaign will feature a new adventure zone set in Barovia and a new dungeon: Castle Ravenloft! The dungeon’s final boss will be the vampire Strahd von Zarovich. There will also be new hunts and an updated hunt mechanic. Cryptic didn’t give any further details in its announcement, but it is going to be publishing Developer Blogs in the coming weeks with more information. 

How exciting is this?! Tabletop fans who play Neverwinter are all expressing their excitement for this upcoming content. 

Source: Arc Games

Neverwinter Launches "Refer a Friend" Program

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: May 7, 2018 10:38PM
Author: Grilka8050

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been asking your significant other to play Neverwinter with you with no luck. Now is your chance to give them an extra reason to join you! Both of you will get an exclusive pack if he or she uses your referral code.

It’s very simple to complete this process. Go to this website and make sure your friend uses this link when they sign up for an account. They need to get to Level 20 (it takes around a day or two, depending on the time they can devote to playing). After that, you both can go to the Claims Agent in Protector’s Enclave (or access the "L" menu in-game) and claim your prizes!

The new player/recruit will receive the following: Mercenary Companion, Carmine Bulette Mount, Title (Promising Recruit), one Character Slot, one Retraining Token, and a Greater Bag of Holding. Additionally, every five levels the recruit will receive an Heirloom Pack that contains: Shirt, Pants, two Rings, and twoWeapons.  

The Veteran Player/inviter will also receive a Carmine Bulette Mount, as well as: the “Worthy Recruiter” title, and a Blood Ruby. They will also receive a Neverwinter Vanguard Pack, which includes: one Black Pearl, three Peridots, Wayfarer’s XP Booster, five Exalted Healing Potions, and five Injury Kits.

Source: Arc Games

The Mysterious Egg and "Day of the Dungeon Master" Return to Neverwinter This Weekend

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: March 29, 2018 08:33PM
Author: Grilka8050

Starting today, March 29, on Neverwinter after maintenance, some exciting new events are beginning. The Mysterious Egg is available on the Wondrous Bazaar! It has a chance to drop a cockatrice or a Chicken companion. The cockatrice is a very situational companion. I haven’t ever used it as an active or summoned companion personally. However, the Chicken is a great Augment Companion. They are great for a support class, like a DC or tank. 

The Day of the Dungeon Master also begins today. This month-long event is full of interesting rewards, but only some of them are really worth your time. The Beholder Tank Legendary Mount is the best reward from this event. You have a chance for it to drop from the Artificer’s Workshop, so that is why you will probably see a lot of people farming that event dungeon. The Adorable Pocket pet is also a great prize. It goes in your potion tray and it gives you a random buff. These include AP gain, Crit severity, Regeneration, and Reduced Threat. It’s not as good as the Chain of Scales from the new zone, but everyone has the opportunity to get one of these by participating in the event, whereas the Scales can only be obtained by completing the hardest content in the game.

Another notable reward is the potion "Lathendar’s Dew." This little Event Food item provides AP gain. Builds that maximize AP gain, like many Clerics, will find this food useful. I recommend stocking up and saving them to sell later or using them. The other rewards for this event include: Apocalypse Dagger (artifact), Portobello’s Wand of Sight, Owlbear Figurine, Perter Golem, Green Slime, Lliira’s Fare, and Neverwintan Red Veins. 

Sources: ArcGames [1] [2]

Neverwinter Events Starting on March 22, 2018

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: March 21, 2018 08:59PM
Author: Grilka8050

This weekend has a lot of potential for Guild Strongholds in Neverwinter. There are several events going on that are really exciting! These events are running Thursday, March 22, through Monday, March 26. This weekend’s events include: Double Icewind Dale currency, Double Shards of Power, and 20% off Stronghold Items in the Zen store. These items are often bottlenecks for upgrading Stronghold structures, so I suggest making the most of this weekend. 

One way to do that is for Guild Leaders to hold a Coffer Contest! If you Click Here, you can download this program that analyzes the donations for you, and it makes the contest much easier to manage. These contests are a great way to expedite Guild growth. The hardest part is finding prizes! 

If you aren’t familiar with Guild Strongholds, this Guild Member Guide explains how these currencies help to grow the guild. 

Sources: IWD Currency Arc Games

Razer Celebrates Neverwinter: Lost City of Omu With a Giveaway

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: March 11, 2018 01:50AM
Author: Grilka8050

Har har, mateys! Claim your free Starred Eyepatch and Defensive Pack for Neverwinter, now on Razer Insider! The Defensive Pack includes five Bound Scrolls of Identification, five Portable Alters, 10 Potions of Lesser Healing, 10 Fortification Potions, and 10 Potions of Reflex. Quite a bit of stuff in it, and check out that eyepatch! Pretty sweet, right?

To claim these prizes, you just have to complete three things on the list. You can choose to use Twitter and retweet the giveaway, follow @razer on Twitter, or follow @neverwintergame on Twitter. You can also use Facebook and visit the Razer and Neverwinter pages, or you can visit @razer on Instagram. After completing three things on the list, Razer will give you a unique code that you can use to redeem your prizes! 

To participate, click here!

Source: Press Release

Alienware Celebrates the Launch of the Lost City of Omu With a Neverwinter Giveaway

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: February 28, 2018 11:47PM
Author: Grilka8050

Alienware has a new giveaway for Neverwinter players to celebrate the launch of the Lost City of Omu! This includes the “Fortune’s Friend” title and some items to help you with your adventures: Wayfarer’s XP Booster, 5x Rank 4 Enchantments, three Refining Stones, 5x Injury Kits, and 5x Healing Potions. The consumables given are based on your level.

There is some fine print, however. You must be a level five member of the website to claim this. There is no end-date listed for this Giveaway, so in theory, you could continue using the site until you reach level five, then claim the prize. There is a tab at the bottom righthand side of the page that says, “ARP Status 1.” This will tell you what level you are, and if you click on it, you can learn how to earn more points and gain levels. So, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Source: Alienware

Neverwinter Patch Notes for February 27, 2018

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: February 26, 2018 08:53PM
Author: Grilka8050

Tuesday is a big day for Neverwinter! In addition to releasing Mod 13 Lost City of Omu, there are also a lot of changes happening across the board. There is also a new skirmish (Cradle of the Death God), a new Lockbox, professions updates, bug fixes, class balancing and more! One of the most notable changes for end-game content is the hunt trophies and lures. These items are no longer unique, which means you can hold more than one in your inventory. However they can no longer be mailed, and they still don’t stack.

Remember Rocktober, also known as Bug-Fix October? Well, all those reported issues have been fixed and are going live! Most of these are focused on character glitches and malfunctions, but the Devs are also squashing bugs in the older zones. 

There are also new recipes for Masterwork Professions! Levels IV and V are being released, and this includes some new armor! It’s the same level as the Exalted Primal Gear (IL 510), but different stat groups. This will allow more choices for fine-tuning the stats you get from your armor. There are also going to be some new weapons, comparable to the Mastercraft weapons set bonus used in the past. 

Character sheets are getting an update, too! The reason for this is to unify certain concepts and make the game easier to understand. Resistance Ignored will now be called “Defenses Ignored.” Damage Bonus will now be referred to as “Damage Dealt” and will have a % appear under the “Offense and Healing” section. Damage Resistance will now be called “Damage Taken.” 

The players are now getting Fashion Storage! This will replace the Idle Companions slot in the Inventory Window. Idle Companions will now be accessible from the Companions Window on your Character Sheet. The Fashion Inventory will come with 24 slots. Additional storage spots will be available from the Zen Market. Loadouts are getting upgraded, too! They will now include Companions, their gear, Summoned Companions, Mounts, and Insignias.  

Enchantments are changing, too; powers can no longer multi-proc Weapon Enchantments. Activating a power can proc the weapon enchantment one time per enemy. Because of this change, the Lightning Enchantment is no longer considered Best-in-Slot; instead, the Feytouched Enchantment appears to take that role.

Some class balancing is going on, too. Most of it is relevant to Rocktober, although that’s not all. The Scourge Warlock is getting some boosts, in addition to all the bugs getting fixed. However, the DC and Spellstorm CW are getting nerfed. There are also some general things being fixed. The grind to level from 60 to 70 has been reduced; it will now take fewer Experience Points to level up. The Devs are also updating some visual effects. 

Overall, this update brings a lot of exciting new changes! Some changes might disappoint certain classes, but this game is always changing; things will get better in a future mod. 

Neverwinter Announces New Soulmonger’s Lockbox February 27

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: February 26, 2018 08:37PM
Author: Grilka8050

Starting Tomorrow, February 27, 2018, Neverwinter will launch Mod 13! With that comes a new lockbox, The Soulmonger’s Lockbox. This one features some new prizes, brings back some old ones, and removes some of the current prizes.

The new Legendary Mount is the War Triceratops. In addition to the Legendary Speed, it also has the Stalwart Equip Power and 16k Hit Points. It also has the Combat Power Trample. “Your War Triceratops charges into the fray knocking back foes and causing up to 15,000 damage to each target, based on your level.” Now that sounds like fun!

The new lockbox also features a new companion: The Infant Gorilla. In addition to being adorable, this Augment companion grants you +200 Armor Penetration and Movement.

The Soulmonger’s Lockbox also has a few packs, like most lockboxes. This is the last lockbox to have the Lost Artifact Pack, which contains the Soulsight Crystal. It also has a chance to drop an Ultimate Enchanting Stone, in addition to some other refining resources.

There’s also a new Adventurer Pack. This pack is full of consumables that can really help a new player, but veteran players may find this pack disappointing. This lockbox also brings back an old favorite with a new spin: The Quartermaster’s Profession Pack. The last couple lockboxes haven’t had any profession packs, so this is going to be a welcome return for crafters.

The Soulmonger’s Lockbox will also continue to drop the Nine Gods Enchantment pack. The most notable item from here is the Ultimate Mark of Potency. There’s also a new mount pack, the Carapace Mount Pack. This has three new epic mounts and three new rare mounts. You can read more about some of the mounts here.

Another old favorite is returning in this lockbox: Genie’s Gifts! In the past, players could use these in Dread Ring, Well of Dragons, Sharandar, and Icewind Dale. With Mod 13 comes the ability to use Genie’s Gifts in the Maze Engine and Storm King’s Thunder!

Notably absent from this lockbox is the Companion packs. This means the price of old ones will go up, and people will have to start using Astral Diamonds to upgrade their companions or purchase upgrade tokens off the Zen Market.

Source: Neverwinter Developer's Blog

This Weekend in Neverwinter: 2x XP and Bonus Refinement Points

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: February 22, 2018 10:42AM
Author: Grilka8050

Do you have any alt characters on Neverwinter that need a quick boost leveling up? This weekend, Lord Neverember has decreed that all shall receive double Experience Points! But wait, there’s more! You will also be able to earn Bonus Refinement points while killing enemies.

These events will start on Thursday, February 22 at 7:30am PT, and ends on Monday, February 26 at 7:30am PT. Everything that grants you Experience Points in the game (quests, invoking, killing mobs, etc.) will now award twice as many points. For example: if you do a Random Dungeon with the quest from the Stronghold Cleric, you can earn a few hundred thousand Experience Points!

Your companions also benefit from the 2x XP weekend. For those who picked up the Alpha Compy in the Expedition Pack, this weekend will help you max out their levels if you haven’t already.

This weekend will also be a great opportunity to do some refining and get your characters ready for Mod 13 that launches next week

Source: Arc Games

This Weekend in Neverwinter

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: February 15, 2018 08:28PM
Author: Grilka8050

The Neverwinter developers have several fun events going on this weekend that start today! The Wonders of Gond, Virtual Currency Bonus, Guild Marks Sale, and 2x Refining Stones. These events end on February 20 at 7:30am PT, with one exception; the Virtual Currency Bonus ends at 9am PT.

The Virtual Currency Bonus event is similar to how it’s been in the past, as you can see below.

Neverwinter is also having a 20% off Guild Marks sale! Any items that are purchased with Guild Marks now cost 20% less! You can purchase things like Stronghold Food, Armor, Professions resources, Enchantments and more!

This weekend also features a Double Refining Stones event. Each time you pick up an enchantment or refining stone, two will drop instead! This event was created when the developers changed the refinement system in Mod 12b in October 2017.

There used to be a 2x Refinement Weekend, where all items converted to Refinement Points would be worth double the normal amount. This isn’t as great as 2x RP, but it’s better than nothing!

Sources: Valentine's Sale, Arc Games

Neverwinter: Wonders of Gond Event Starts Tomorrow

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: February 13, 2018 09:26PM
Author: Grilka8050

The Wonders of Gond have returned to Neverwinter. This steampunk-themed event is back for just under a week, so hurry on in! It begins on Wednesday, February 14, at 7:30am Pacific Time and ends on Tuesday, February 20 at 7:30am Pacific Time. Plenty of time to check it all out!

Craft Doohickeys and equip them to help attack in battle, or you can trade them for a Creations of Wonder pack. These include a high chance for an epic mount, or you can get some other great prizes instead.

There are resources expended along the way towards crafting a Doohickey, which can instead be traded for smaller prizes. You can get an expendable Doohickey, Toy Apparatus of Gond, or Mechanical Alters.

Given the recent refinement changes, the Doohickey is deviating from the current refinement system and sticking to the old way. This allows the developers to keep the refining materials exclusive to event resources, instead of pooling all resources together. You can craft Gond refining resources using your Professions, starting with raw materials that will be dropping from enemies.

Also available is a Blueprint on the Zen Market. You can use this to receive 1,800 event refinement points. These points are exclusive to the event and cannot be used on regular refining items.

Source: Arc Games

Neverwinter: Lost City of Omu Campaign Details

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: February 9, 2018 06:21PM
Author: Grilka8050

Neverwinter has announced the continued story of the Jungles of Chult, set to launch February 27th. In the search for the source of the death curse, Celeste and her allies have followed the clues to the Lost City of Omu. This was once a powerful city, but now it’s just a crumbling memory of a people who were devoted to the Trickster Gods. There are still remnants of the Shrines for these Trickster Gods, hidden in the Undercity. Remnants such as the one you can see below and at the source.

Lost City of Omu

This new zone continues the dangerous jungle themes of Soshenstar River, combining with a crumbling infrastructure reminiscent of the River District. There are a lot of familiar dinosaurs, along with some of their dangerous cousins lurking about. The new zone brings new quests, hunts, rewards, and danger, so be sure to check it out at the end of the month.

Source: Neverwinter Developer Blog

Neverwinter Call to Arms: Garrundar the Vile This Weekend

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: February 8, 2018 07:29PM
Author: Grilka8050

Maintenance is all over with, so now it's time to check on what awaits us as we dive back into Neverwinter! This weekend is the “Call to Arms” event in Neverwinter, starting Thursday, February 8, at 7:30am PT, and ending on Monday, February 12, at 7:30am PT. This fun event includes slaying a black dragon, which provides some great rewards. What are the rewards, you might ask? Well, some of those have to remain a secret, but there are some we can tell you right now to get you salivating at the thought.

One of the treasures is a Lizardfolk Shaman companion. This is a leader/healing companion, but it also deals some decent damage; it’s a great companion to use while leveling up! You can also get some weapon transmutes and the Jungle Cloak Dye Pack.

Source: Acrgames.com

Neverwinter: Rewards for the Lost City of Omu Arrives February 27

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: February 6, 2018 10:50PM
Author: Grilka8050

Neverwinter has some exciting new items planned for the Lost City of Omu, set to launch on February 27th. These include mounts, gear, weapons, and artifacts, so you can find plenty to like as you journey through the new adventure at the end of the month.

There are two Rare level mounts announced: Suratuk’s Ruby Strider and Eku’s Titivated Lion. Both of which you can see below!

 Omu Mounts

There’s also going to be Vivified Primal Gear, Item Level 510. By completing the new skirmish Cradle of the Death God, you can collect a “priceless item” to trade for the components you need to Vivify your Primal gear.

 Vivified Primal Gear

Two of the weapon sets have been announced for Neverwinter: the Primal set and the Tyrant set. The Primal set can be upgraded using “Soulmonger Ampoules,” also available from the new skirmish.

 Exalted Primal Weapon

The new Skirmish also has a chance to drop the newest artifact, “Decanter of Atropal Essence.” This is to be part of one of the three new artifact sets.

Omu Artifact

Remember, all of these go live on February 27. If you try to log into Neverwinter tomorrow and find out you can't, don't worry as it's just some maintenance. During the downtime, be sure to check out the Neverwinter social media feeds for a chance to win some prizes!

Source: Press Release

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