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November 10, 2014
Comments (0) | Posted at 06:44AM PST by Guest_Jim_*

Back in April a vulnerability was discovered in OpenSSL called Heartbleed. This security flaw made it possible for the memories of vulnerable systems to be accessed by anyone. Naturally website administrators were quick to patch their software and remove the flaw, but researchers at the University of Maryland, Northeastern University, and Stanford University have found that they did not do enough.

There were threes to ensuring a website was secured and back under the control of the administrator. The first was obviously to deploy the software fix and 93% of administrators did so within three weeks. The other two steps were to revoke security certificates and issue new ones. According to the researchers, only 13% did both of these steps. Those certificates ensure visitors are going to the authentic site and not something an attacker put up, which is why it is necessary to revoke the certificates that may have been comprised.

The researchers also found that the number of certificate revocations dipped over weekends, displaying the human factor in website security. While these are definitely serious issues, the researchers see this study as an opportunity to improve website security in the future.

Source: University of Maryland

November 9, 2014
Comments (0) | Posted at 10:47AM PST by ClayMeow
Bombsquad Brings Explosive 8-person Multiplayer Action to NVIDIA SHIELD

NVIDIA has unveiled a new Android game optimized to run on its NVIDIA SHIELD devices, and particularly the Tegra K1-powered NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. Developed by indie game designer Eric Froemling, "BombSquad is a multi-player party game where up to 8 players can blow each other up in mini-games ranging from capture the flag to hockey." And of course, with a name like Bombsquad, there are an array of explosives, including ice bombs, sticky bombs, land mines, triple bombs, and trigger bombs.

With local and online multiplayer featuring full controller support, Bombsquad is right at home on NVIDIA SHIELD devices, especially when played with a few friends in Console Mode. The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet also gets the benefit of a slew of features exclusive to Tegra K1-powered devices, including "higher bit-depth rendering, 1080p multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) for improved image quality and twice as much graphical detail in explosions and debris."

BombSquad was originally only available on Mac, Ouya, and Linux, but is now available on Android for free via the SHIELD Hub, TegraZone, and Google Play Store.

Source: NVIDIA

Comments (0) | Posted at 10:18AM PST by ClayMeow

Night-vision cameras are great, but that green-hued video doesn't provide much in the way of details, which is important for security cameras. Enter the Sharp LZ0P420A Infrared Color Night-Vision Camera. Sharp claims the LZ0P420A is "the industry's first infrared color night-vision camera capable of capturing color video in pitch-dark (zero lux) environments. Lux refers to the minimum amount of light a camera requires to pick up an image, so zero lux is obviously what you want for a night-vision camera. The new camera uses a night-vision image sensor (CCD) co-developed by Sharp and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

The camera shoots 720p color video at 30 FPS and supports HD-SDI video output. Besides the obvious use as an anti-theft camera, Sharp says it has a broad range of usage scenarios, including monitoring patients in hospitals and nursing homes. Sales begin November 28 with 4,000 units expected to be manufactured monthly.

Source: Press Release

November 8, 2014
Comments (0) | Posted at 11:28AM PST by ClayMeow

As the highly anticipated Dragon Age: Inquisition inches closer and closer to launch, it seems that BioWare will be whetting our appetites with official trailers for each of the game's nine followers. At least, that's the assumption. Right now we have two: Vivienne and The Iron Bull.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will launch on November 18 in North America and November 21 in Europe for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The Standard Edition costs $59.99 for all platforms, while a Deluxe Edition is available for $69.99 and includes the following bonus content: Flames of the Inquisition Armor, Flames of the Inquisition Armored Mount, Skyhold Throne, Red Hart Halla, Bog Unicorn, and the digital soundtrack. Pre-ordering either version grants you some nice fiery weapons from the Flames of the Inquisition Arsenal.

Source: BioWare

Comments (0) | Posted at 11:11AM PST by ClayMeow
First-Person Puzzler The Talos Principle Gets a Free Public Test Demo Ahead of December 11 Release

Unveiled during E3 2014, The Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle game from Croteam, the makers of Serious Sam. "In The Talos Principle, players assume the role of a sentient artificial intelligence placed within a simulation of humanity’s greatest ruins and linked together through an arcane cathedral. Players are tasked with solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles woven into a metaphysical parable about intelligence and meaning in an inevitably doomed world." While the game is scheduled to arrive on December 11 for PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux), publisher Devolver Digital has released a free Public Test demo featuring four increasingly difficult complete puzzles.

While the demo is a great way to try before you buy, the purpose is actually to serve as additional stress and compatibility testing prior to launch. "The Public Test initiative for The Talos Principle harkens back to 15 years ago when Croteam released 'Public Test 1' for  Serious Sam, a then unknown game that went on to become a multimillion dollar franchise."

The Talos Principle is currently available for pre-order with a 15% discount, dropping the price down to $33.99 from its usual $39.99. That discount is actually good until December 18. PlayStation 4 and Android versions are also planned, but won't arrive until Q1 2015.

Source: Press Release

November 7, 2014
Comments (0) | Posted at 10:36PM PST by ClayMeow
NVIDIA Enjoyed Record $1.23 Billion in Revenue in Q3

$1.23 billion in revenue is a lot for just one quarter; for NVIDIA, it was the company's best quarter ever, up 16 percent over last year. It also puts NVIDIA on pace for its best year ever, as the recorded revenue of $3.43 billion thru the first three quarters is also tops, up 15 percent over last year. Unsurprisingly, a large majority of the Q3 revenue is courtesy of NVIDIA's GPUs, which accounted for $991 million, up 13% from last year. Tegra processor sales brought in only $168 million, but enjoyed an impressive 51% increase over last year. The final piece of the puzzle was $66 million in license revenue from the company's patent license agreement with Intel.

Source: NVIDIA

Comments (0) | Posted at 08:34PM PST by ClayMeow
The White Horse Rides in New Cinematic Trailer for Total War: ATTILA

Creative Assembly's upcoming turn-based strategy Total War: ATTILA has received a brand new cinematic trailer. Entitled "The White Horse", the trailer shows a world descending into darkness, as the end of days near. With Rome fading, will you be its savior or its doom?

Total War: ATTILA is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2015, exclusively for PC (Windows and Mac).

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 08:20PM PST by ClayMeow
Far Cry 4 PC Specs Revealed Alongside Season Pass Teaser Trailer

Far Cry 4 is set to launch in less than two weeks, so it's about time Ubisoft revealed the PC specs. And if you want to take advantage of all those excellent NVIDIA GameWorks technologies, you may want to just skip down to the Optimal section...


  • Supported OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1 (64bit versions only)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-750 @ 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.2 GHz
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD5850 (1GB VRAM)
  • Direct X: Version 11
  • Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers


  • Supported OS: MS Windows 7 SP1, MS Windows 8/8.1 (64bit versions only)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2400S @ 2.5 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz or better
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or AMD Radeon R9 290X or better (2GB VRAM)
  • Direct X: Version 11
  • Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers

While that's likely the news most you wanted to know, Ubisoft has also released a new teaser trailer from the Season Pass, which was unveiled last month. While it doesn't show much – it's a teaser after all – we do get a glimpse of a yeti!

Far Cry 4 is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on November 18.

Source: UbiBlog [1] & [2]

Comments (0) | Posted at 07:42PM PST by ClayMeow

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void wasn't the only thing Blizzard revealed at Blizzcon; the company also unveiled a brand new IP, Overwatch. Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter and marks the first time Blizzard is venturing into the first-person shooter genre. After revolutionizing the RTS, action-RPG, and MMORPG genres, can Blizzard works its magic again? According to the press release, Blizzard sure thinks so:

With an emphasis on accessibility and pure fun, Overwatch brings Blizzard’s signature easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay to the FPS genre. Harnessing the power of their hero of choice, players will join forces in teams of six and battle each other across a range of futuristic global locations, from the hologram-lit streets of London to a bazaar in the shadows of a high-tech Egyptian pyramid. Every battlefield is iconic and built to highlight each character’s unique abilities, and fights can shift from streets to rooftops to open skies within the span of a breath.

Overwatch is playable this weekend at BlizzCon on 600 PCs, where players can choose from a roster of twelve playable heroes, and battle it out 6v6 on three maps. Blizzard promises more heroes and maps will be continually released during development, but the twelve heroes thus far are: the time-jumping adventurer Tracer; the ruthless mercenary Reaper; the deadly assassin Widowmaker; the super-intelligent, genetically engineered gorilla Winston; the security guard and former soldier Pharah; the heavily armored former soldier Reinhardt; the reality-bending architect Symmetra; the ingenious engineer Torbjörn; the battle automaton Bastion; the lethal bowman and assassin Hanzo; healer and brilliant scientist Mercy; and the robotic monk Zenyatta.

Each of those twelve heroes offer drastically different gameplay experiences and fit into offense, defense, and support roles; akin to Team Fortress 2. But Blizzard is certainly borrowing a lot from the MOBA genre, giving each hero three standard abilities plus one Ultimate Ability. Be sure to check out the official site to not only read about each hero in detail, but also see individual gameplay videos for every ability.

Signups for beta are currently live on the official site. Beta will begin in 2015, but no exact date has been provided.

Source: Press Release and Official Site

Comments (0) | Posted at 03:01PM PST by Guest_Jim_*

It is not uncommon in certain fields of science to make observations, take measurements, and then explain the data with theories. Sometimes the theories do not fully explain the data though, which means more data needs to be collected and potentially new theories be developed. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have recently found that the cosmic infrared background (CIB) does not quite match what galaxies would produce.

Like the cosmic microwave background, the CIB is a glow that can be observed in all directions, but it is difficult to spot. Earth's atmosphere blocks infrared light, so measurements have to be taken from satellites or suborbital rockets, and the Sun heats up gases in the Solar System, creating the Zodiacal light. The Caltech researchers were able to overcome both of these challenges for the CIB Experiment (CIBER) though, and built a map of the CIB that showed large and bright fluctuations. Originally they were hoping to catch light from the first stars and galaxies but that does not fit the observations, as that light should be redder, due to hydrogen absorbing it. Instead they found very bright and blue light, which would make sense if it were coming from stars that had been ejected from galaxies, and now exist in the space between them.

While that theory does fit the measurements well, it is not perfect, as the light is still too blue to match the theory. If these stars are the source though, it should be possible to catch them around their parent galaxies, so the researchers are planning a new experiment to hopefully spot them in those areas.

Source: California Institute of Technology

Comments (1) | Posted at 01:57PM PST by CheeseMan42

When StarCraft II was first announced it was revealed that the game would be released in three chapters, one for each of the games playable races. The first two chapters have already been made available and today at Blizzcon the third game, Legacy of the Void, showcasing the Protoss received a trailer and some information about the game was also made available. Players will take on the role of Hierarch Artanis and are tasked with uniting the Protoss to "defeat the coming darkness before it consumes all life in the sector." In addition to the new campaign, gamers will be able to take part in two new multiplayer modes, Archon Mode and Allied Commanders, and will also be able to participate in automated daily tournaments. Beta signups are available on the official website.

Source: Blizzard

Comments (0) | Posted at 11:57AM PST by gebraset

Home Depot, the largest home improvement store chain in the world, has revealed that roughly 53 million email addresses have been compromised in a recent breach of its payment data systems. The company stated that the hackers used a username and password from a third-party vendor to access the perimeter of its network, where the criminals then acquired elevated rights. These rights allowed them to access various parts of the Home Depot network and to place custom-built malware on the company’s checkout systems in the United States and Canada. Despite this, Home Depot is claiming that the stolen files that contained email addresses did not contain sensitive information such as passwords or payment card data.

The announcement comes just a few months after Home Depot revealed that it suffered a separate breach in which data surrounding 56 million payment cards was stolen.

Source: Reuters

Comments (0) | Posted at 11:05AM PST by Guest_Jim_*

For many people, cockroaches are probably one of the more horrible organisms to exist, for one reason or another. However, someday these insects may actually be put to use finding disaster survivors thanks to efforts making them into cyborgs, or biobots. Now researchers at North Carolina State University have given biobots microphones for hearing the sounds of trapped persons and then actually finding them.

The cockroaches wear small, electronic backpacks that are capable of controlling the insects' movements. One version of these backpacks has a single, omnidirectional microphone that can capture sounds in high resolution. These sounds can then be transmitted to first responders, in order to determine if the sounds are of people or have less important sources. The other backpack is equipped with three, directional microphones, which would be used to track and seek out the source of a sound, which the researchers have already demonstrated.

Along with using the microphones to find the sources of sounds, the researchers have also shown that the biobots can be held within invisible fences. These fences could be used to keep the biobots in a disaster site, within range of each other for wireless transmission, or near light sources, in order to recharge the electronics.



Source: North Carolina State University

Comments (0) | Posted at 09:36AM PST by bp9801

The end of the week is upon us, with some items to hold your interest until the weekend starts. There is a review on a couple more Intel Haswell-E CPUs, with both the i7-5820K and i7-5930K put to the test. These both contain six cores and a lower price point, so they may be a more cost effective way to jump into the Haswell-E platform. We also have a look at the NZXT S340 mid-tower case, which is a budget friendly version of the company's H440 case. Lastly there is a podcast covering the latest news and reviews from the past week.

Haswell-E Part 2: Intel i7-5820K & i7-5930K @ Madshrimps

NZXT S340 @ Benchmark Reviews

Podcast #325 @ PC Perspective

Comments (0) | Posted at 07:46AM PST by gebraset
Amazon Introduces Echo

Amazon has just introduced Echo, a cylindrical device that acts as a personal assistant and a Bluetooth speaker. The latest device from Amazon is able to be asked to complete all sorts of tasks, such as set reminders, play music, read aloud the current news and weather, look up a variety of information, and even help solve problems. Echo is capable of listening to users after activated by a keyword, thanks to seven microphones found inside of the device that support beam-forming technology. Besides actively answering questions and setting reminders, Echo also acts as a music playback device with its built-in 2.5-inch woofer and 2-inch tweeter. Amazon Echo can stream music from the cloud, supporting services like Amazon Music, Prime Music, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn, and can also stream music from any application on a smartphone or tablet thanks to Bluetooth capabilities. Echo is constantly connected to the Internet through a home Wi-Fi network, which allows the device to include more features and services in the future as Amazon adds them.

Amazon Echo is set to cost $199 at launch, or $99 for Prime members, but is currently in an invitation mode. While invitations will be sent out in the coming weeks to interested customers, no ship date for the device has been officially released.

Source: TechHive

Comments (0) | Posted at 07:29AM PST by gebraset
Vudu Spark Streaming Stick is Coming Soon

Walmart is expected to sell a Vudu streaming stick in the near future, known as the Vudu Spark, after the device popped up in the FCC database this week. The device, which will look similar to Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and Google’s Chromecast, will plug into televisions through an HDMI connection and utilize Zigbee RF as opposed to Wi-Fi Direct. Due to such, the device will likely not support any type of mirror functionality. The description of the Vudu Spark mentions that after initial setup, the device launches directly into Vudu, with no support listed for other applications or services. If the Vudu Spark does not support any other services, it will be interesting to see how well the device sells once it comes onto the market.

Source: Gigaom

Comments (0) | Posted at 06:52AM PST by Guest_Jim_*

The Large Hadron Collider is a massive structure with the ability to accelerator particles to very high energy, in order to smash them together. One of its successors though could be small enough to fit in the basements of many buildings, including hospitals and universities. This possibility is thanks to researchers at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and the University of California, Los Angeles.

First envisioned over thirty years ago, plasma wakefield acceleration is very different from more traditional accelerator designs. Instead of using massive magnets and radio waves to energize particles, plasma wakes are created to push and carry electrons to great speeds over very short distances. The design the SLAC researchers built uses two bunches of electrons, fired into a lithium gas. The first bunch of electrons strips away the lithium's electrons, creating the plasma. These excited electrons then try to fall back down in energy, and do so behind the second electron bunch, propelling it to very high energies.

Plasma wakefield acceleration has many advantages including great efficiency. In just 20 feet, the researchers were able to accelerate an electron beam to the same energies as the 2-mile-long SLAC linear accelerator. More work will have to be done before these practically tabletop accelerators can compete with their larger cousins, including controlling the shape of the second electron bunches, to make sure the resulting electron beam is of the highest quality.



Source: SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

November 6, 2014
Comments (0) | Posted at 05:20PM PST by CheeseMan42

Far Cry 4 joins a growing list of upcoming games that will take advantage of the GameWorks functionality from NVIDIA. Several of the GameWorks libraries will be featured in the game including HBAO+, TXAA, God Rays, HairWorks, and ShadowWorks. Gamers will see the effects of the libraries in the form of "realistic Ambient Occlusion shadowing and shading around objects and surfaces that occlude light," temporal anti-aliasing that "eliminates the distracting movement of anti-aliased lines and edges, startlingly realistic GPU-accelerated dynamic fur simulation," and "shadow edges become progressively softer the further they are from the shadow caster." Gamers that purchase a participating GPU can also take advantage of the currently running Pick Your Path promotion from NVIDIA to get Far Cry 4 for free.

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 05:13PM PST by Guest_Jim_*

The ability to peer inside of something has been a mainstay of many works of fiction, and a necessity for many medical procedures. Peering inside a patient is not exactly easy though, with some technologies for doing so being quite massive. As reported in The Optical Society's Optics Express journal, researchers in the Netherlands and France have created a new, compact tool that combines ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging.

Ultrasound, as most people likely know, bounces sound waves off of body parts and creates an image based on the echoes. Photoacoustics also uses ultrasound, but generates the waves very differently. Light is used to heat up tissue inside the body, and that small change in temperature causes a change in pressure. The pressure changes are what produce the ultrasound waves, which are then collected and analyzed. Unlike many other methods, photoacoustics can capture information, such as the sub-millimeter networks of blood vessels and the presence of hemoglobin, and when combined with spectroscopic measurements, the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in single vessels can even be measured.

The key to fitting this technology down to the size of a stapler and a computer monitor was the stack of diode lasers that generate higher energies than diodes have achieved before. The researchers are working on commercializing their work and to expand it to multi-wavelength imaging, as currently it is limited to the near infrared.

Source: The Optical Society

Comments (0) | Posted at 04:26PM PST by bp9801
CD Projekt RED Details The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Free DLC Plan

CD Projekt RED has been releasing a steady flow of content on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, with the opening cinematic released about two weeks ago. Earlier today the studio released some more news about the game, and it should make pretty much everyone excited. In an open letter from Marcin Iwi?ski,  co-founder and joint CEO of CD Projekt RED, he revealed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will have 16 pieces of DLC released and every single one will be free. There's going to be no cost with any of these, because, as Iwi?ski says, "Haven’t we just paid a lot of cash for a brand new game?"

Anyone who buys a copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, regardless of version/platform or whether or not it's a pre-order, will receive these 16 DLCs. The first two arrive on February 25, 2015, which is the day after the game launches, and includes the Temerian Armor set (including horse armor) and a Beard and Hairstyle set for Geralt. CD Projekt plans to launch a bundle of two DLC each Wednesday after launch, so we certainly won't have to wait long to get the extra content. The second bundle will include a new quest and an alternate look for Yennefer of Vengerberg, one of the game's main characters. It is rather nice to see CD Projekt outline a plan for free DLC, especially in a time when a paid season pass of DLC is becoming the norm.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt arrives on February 24, 2015, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Official Site

Comments (0) | Posted at 12:17PM PST by Guest_Jim_*

To hold graphite and diamond in your hands, you would not expect the two are allotropes of the same element. Graphite is very soft while diamond is among the hardest materials known to exist. Researchers at Purdue University have now found a way to create diamond patterns on graphite that could have many applications.

Originally the researchers were investigating ways to strengthen metals with a layer of graphite, layer of glass, and a nanosecond-pulsing laser. It was then that they noticed the black graphite seemed to disappear. Investigation revealed the graphite had been converted to clear diamond. What had happened was the laser pulses created a graphite plasma, and the layer of glass kept the plasma from escaping. When the plasma cooled and solidified, it turned to diamond instead of graphite.

Normally high temperatures and pressures are needed to synthesize diamond, but this process works just fine at room temperature and without a pressure chamber, and even allows diamond patterns to be written. Such patterns could find use in future computer chips, quantum computers, and biosensors.

Source: Purdue University

Comments (0) | Posted at 10:06AM PST by bp9801

A new day is here, and if you are in need of a case then you're in luck. First up is a review on the Fractal Design Core 1100 case, which is an updated version of the Core 1000, complete with a brushed aluminum finish, top mounted front I/O ports, and support for large video cards. There is also a look at the Thermaltake Core V1 case, a Mini-ITX model that can fit four hard drives and even a watercooling setup. Lastly the Ultra Low-Profile Aluminum HTPC case from Perfect Home Theater gets reviewed to see how well it can handle work in the living room.

Fractal Design Core 1100 @ Benchmark Reviews
Thermaltake Core V1 @ ThinkComputers
Perfect Home Theater Ultra Low-Profile Aluminum HTPC @ PC Perspective

Comments (0) | Posted at 10:03AM PST by gebraset

While CBS recently launched a digital subscription service of its own, the company failed to deliver a product to those who enjoy watching news networks. Now, CBS has officially launched a free streaming news network in order to cater to those viewers. Called CBSN, the streaming channel offers a continuous feed of news stories, with 15 hours of live, anchored coverage available during weekdays. According to CBS, the anchored coverage will begin at 9 AM Eastern and will run until midnight. Although the service is completely free, CBSN does feature advertisements, with commercials occasionally playing throughout the news feed.

Interested viewers can access CBSN immediately through a web browser, Roku player, Roku TV set, and Amazon Fire TV. The service is also available through the CBS News application for Windows and Windows Phone, which will be released for Android and other leading platforms by the end of this year.

Source: PCWorld

Comments (0) | Posted at 09:39AM PST by gebraset

Microsoft has announced that it has released new versions of its Office suite for various mobile devices, allowing smartphone and tablet owners to continue their work while away from a computer. Owners of the iPhone can now download Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which have all been optimized for the Apple smartphone while still providing the same experience found on the iPad. Microsoft has also released a preview version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android tablet customers. Individuals who are interested in accessing the Office for Android tablet preview can do so through the Microsoft signup website.

Along with the availability of Office on the iPhone and various Android tablets, Microsoft has released updates to the Office for iPad apps for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Source: Office Blog

Comments (0) | Posted at 07:39AM PST by Guest_Jim_*

Though most people only associate gasoline and other fuels with oil, there are a great many products derived from it, including plastics and pharmaceuticals. The reason oil is used to make these products is because they require large organic molecules, which oil contains, but many groups are searching for replacements. One possibility is lignin, a plant material that has previously been hard to work with, but now researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison have found a way to break it down to the desired materials.

Lignin is comprised of rings of six carbon atoms called aromatics, which could be used to create other chemicals. First the chains of rings must be broken, which the lignin resists. However, oxygen can be used to weaken the bonds and then an acid can be applied to break them. What the researchers discovered was that the acid could be used with a metal catalyst, and that more aromatics were produced without the metal than with. This is very important as metal catalysts can be quite expensive. Also, the acid steps can be done at the mild conditions of just 110 ºC and low pressure, further keeping costs down.

This is an important step to a biological replacement to oil, but is not a final step. The final steps will involve actually using the aromatics to produce more complex and useful chemicals, but at least we are already familiar with aromatics.

Source: University of Wisconsin, Madison

Comments (0) | Posted at 06:20AM PST by gebraset

Due to a class action lawsuit against Intel and HP, which claimed that Intel manipulated certain benchmarks to perform better on Pentium 4 processors than AMD Athlon chips, Intel has agreed to give $15 to customers who purchased a personal computer powered by a Pentium 4 CPU. The compensation only applies to United States residents who purchased a personal or general computer between November 20, 2000 and June 30, 2002 that contained an Intel Pentium 4 processer. Individuals who did in fact purchase a Pentium 4 powered computer during this timeframe are required to provide the retailer's details for the computer and date of purchase; a purchase invoice is not required.

It is worth noting that Intel and HP have denied the allegations contained with the class action lawsuit that claim that WebMark2001 and SysMark 2001 were modified to make Pentium 4 CPUs perform faster than competing AMD processors.

More details surrounding the settlement, as well as resources to file a claim, can be found on the Intel Pentium 4 Settlement website.

Source: ExtremeTech

November 5, 2014
Comments (0) | Posted at 10:04PM PST by bp9801

MSI, one of the top manufacturers of motherboards throughout the world, has a new high-end entry for Intel's Haswell-E processors. Dubbed the MSI X99S MPOWER, this motherboard is a custom-designed overclocking beast, and is the big brother of the X99S XPOWER AC. The MPOWER features Military Class 4 components to help with overclocking, which is a good thing considering the board was used to break 26 records at the recent MOA 2014 contest. It is also OC Certified, which means it has passed a 24-hour Prime95 test with an overclocked CPU and no airflow. A new and improved OC Engine to help generate more flexible bClk overclocking is also on the MPOWER, so you won't have to be concerned with system crashes during an intense overclocking attempt.

Along with all these overclocking enhancements, the MSI X99S MPOWER comes with support for DDR4-3333 RAM; Quad Multi-GPUs; OC Essentials like V-Check Points 2, Go2BIOS, and DirectOC buttons; Turbo M.2 32Gb/s, SATA Express, Audio Boost, and Gigabit LAN.

Not to be outdone by its new flagship, MSI also updated the X99S GAMING 9 AC and Z97 GAMING 9 AC with ACK. The two ACK-equipped boards carry an easy-to-remember name, as you simply add the 'K' to the end of 'AC'. ACK is a new wireless solution by Killer DoubleShot Pro to help deliver up to 3.5 times lower latency and 2.9 times faster data throughput compared to a traditional Wireless-N setup. It allows for a wired connection to handle a gaming connection and wireless for everything else, with MSI saying both can work together for speeds up to 1.867Gbps.

The MSI X99S MPOWER, X99S GAMING 9 ACK, and Z97 GAMING 9 ACK should all be available soon, although no prices or release dates were mentioned at this time.

Source: Press Release

Comments (0) | Posted at 09:10PM PST by ClayMeow
Pools Have Been Added to The Sims 4 in Free Update

With incredibly powerful Build Mode and Create A Sim tools, The Sims 4 is already quite an impressive game. But despite everything Maxis and Electronic Arts have thrown in, it's what was left out that caused quite the stir: pools. When the original announcement that pools would not be included at launch was made, the claim was that the team created such powerful build tools, that it wouldn't be right to just slap in pools without the same powerful tools behind it.

With the new free update to The Sims 4, it seems the wait was well worth it. Sure you can make a boring rectangular, in-ground pool... or you can make a badass rooftop infinity-pool. Of course, you can't have pools without some new swimwear and Death by Drowning.

The Sims 4 is available exclusively for PC on EA's Origin service. The update is already live.

Source: Official Site

Comments (0) | Posted at 09:10PM PST by ClayMeow

Despite owning its own file-sharing service in OneDrive, Microsoft has decided to partner with Dropbox to allow Office software users to use the latter's file-sharing service. According to Reuters, "Microsoft said the functionality would be included in the next updates to the Office mobile apps, to be rolled out in the next few weeks, and online accessibility would be available in the first half of 2015."

Source: Reuters

Comments (0) | Posted at 08:53PM PST by ClayMeow

Back in February, Disney launched its own cloud movie service called Disney Movies Anywhere. At launch, the service allowed users to purchase Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films through its website, app, or through iTunes. Starting yesterday, the service now also supports Google Play purchases, allowing access via computers and Android devices, including Google's Chromecast. All past and present digital purchases will be accessible.

Source: Reuters

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